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  1. FRANK DOOLEY HERE Not sure why you feel there's a lack of cooperation between SD and SAPR, but rest assured, we coordinate and cooperate on nearly every call that we respond to and we even conduct some joint training periodically. I've been a part of SAPR since its creation and now lead the faction and I'd say that relationships between the two of us have never been better. There is an astonishing amount of on-duty and off-duty interactions between Rangers and Deputies. Teamwork makes the dream work!
  2. Very interested in this property. $250,000 M. Nash 588.4394
  3. Looking for someone to help decorate my home. Email at [email protected] or text 338-6657.
  4. The last couple days I've needed assistance with various things and @Wuhtah has been right there, running beside me, ready to help. Just wanted to give her a shout out!
  5. Cryptx

    Habbo RP

    I was Cytonian on there back in the day. Now I feel like I should login and look around!
  6. Selling quaint two bedroom apartment in the heart of West Vinewood. Apartment has full kitchen, full bath, and a living room to accompany the two bedrooms. Market Value: $110,000. Pictures below! If interested, please send me an email ((forum PM)) to [email protected] Thanks!
  7. Established on August 14th, 1927 "Protect with Honor, Serve with Pride" (Interim) State Parks Director Milton Nash Paleto District Commander Superintendent Frank Dooley ((@Cryptx))** Deputy Paleto District Commander Commander Roan Gellar ((@goddessoflife))* Public Information Officer Lieutenant Matt Graham ((@Irrtadum)) Operations Division Commander Captain Valerie Kwon ((@Sidewinder)) Administrative Division Commander Captain Rick Graham ((@gopnik1919)) ((* Represents Faction Leadership ** Represents Faction Head)) The San Andreas Park Rangers holds strong objectives that we stand by on a daily basis, while serving the State of San Andreas. Our first objective, and most overall objective, is to serve the State of San Andreas with the most professional, respectful, excellence, and honest Rangers that will be serving the people of the State of San Andreas. As the San Andreas Park Ranger represents the whole State of San Andreas as a whole, it is our duty to also serve the citizens of San Andreas with the highest due regard, and to give the State the fundamental police force that they can rely on, no matter the call of service, and trust those that come to serve for that call of service.The Park Ranger also looks to educate the public on the laws within the State of San Andreas. Our Rangers are not here to constantly punish you for making a wrongdoing. Instead, their purpose is to educate the general public of the values of the State Laws that are enforced throughout the State of San Andreas. Education to the public is one of our key objectives that we will continue to strive for. Education is one of the most important things a Ranger can do in their daily duties. Education helps the public learn from a mistake which helps to prevent any accidents or harm in/to the State Park. Park Rangers will focus on providing education about the Park Ranger in all, and looks to educate those that choose to be educated and help those in time of need.While the San Andreas Park Ranger stands at a statewide level, we aim to work on multiple levels with our Municipal and County Agencies. The Park Ranger looks to assist in the overall duties as an Law Enforcement Officer to the local law enforcement and fire rescue agencies. We aim to strive with excellence, and look to assist our local agencies in any need, however, will be specifically working closely with the local law enforcement to help enforce and educate the general public on the state hunting laws.Overall, the San Andreas Park Ranger objective is to serve the public with the highest of integrity, professionalism and respect. The San Andreas Park Ranger also looks to protect and stand by all Civil Rights and the Constitution that our Rangers took an oath to protect and serve over. The San Andreas Park Ranger will serve every citizen of the State of San Andreas, by protecting their civil and constitutional rights, and also upholding these civil and constitutional rights.(( Our objective as a Law Enforcement Faction is to provide the highest quality of Roleplay to the community of GTA:World. The San Andreas Park Ranger looks to fill in the roles of Law Enforcement where the server sees a lacking pace thereof; the State Parks & Wilderness. The objective of the San Andreas Park Ranger is to give that presence of a State-Wide Law Enforcement Agency that is here to specifically serve the State of San Andreas, no matter where the call of service comes from. The San Andreas Park Ranger, as mentioned in-character, will not only be a strict enforcement faction when it comes to Hunting Laws, and criminal law, however, looks to educate more than punish. Education is a key thing missing in the server when it comes to Law Enforcement RP, and as the Park Ranger, we are looking to educate those of in-character laws that are supported by the server.The Park Ranger as stated, is here to give that presence in Unincorporated Areas that a rate of crime has occurred in, and even with an emergency call, can be seen as a cold case. The Park Ranger will look into these unincorporated areas, and assist with daily roleplay that should be enforced in areas that are in plain terms, empty of roleplay. While our main focus will be in the prevention/enforcement of the Hunting Act and Penal Code, we are looking to give that roleplay experience to those that might never have an encounter with a Law Enforcement Officer the opportunity to have that encounter, and to have trust out of character that they will be served with the highest of respect, professionalism, and realistic Law Enforcement Portrayal. The Park Ranger is looking to expand the Roleplay quality of the server, especially in terms of Law Enforcement.With a presence in Unincorporated Areas, such as the outskirts of the County, outskirts of counties and nearby cities, outskirts of Mount Chiliad and the Mountain Itself, there will be an advantage for players to have Roleplay followed up on, and to have an encounter that they would never expect, while in an unincorporated area of the State. Most players who head far up into the mountains, would never expect a Ranger or Law Enforcement Officer to have a patrol, or to keep a presence in that area. In a sense as-well, the Park Ranger looks to prevent the source of Roleplay in unmanned areas, to be unnoticed or forgotten about. The Park Ranger overall, would be used as a multi-purpose Law Enforcement Faction, to provide the quality of life Roleplay to the community, and covering the full State of San Andreas, where Roleplay might be unannounced or completely forgotten about, or would realistically, have a Park Ranger or State Law Enforcement Officer at for prevention of crime, and or investigation of a crime. )) On August 14th, 1927, the Department of Fish and Wildlife was created by the State Legislature. The new law gave authority for a Statewide Police Agency, with the main purpose of enforcing the San Andreas Hunting Act, throughout all State Parks and Unincorporated Lands, a purpose which remains the same to this very day. The Department of Fish and Wildlife, as previously stated, was created for the enforcement of Hunting Laws and regulations throughout the State of San Andreas. However, the Fish and Wildlife Department, was also to uphold the State of San Andreas’s Penal Code, and laws that pass throughout the years. With this being said, the Department of Fish and Wildlife, served as the State’s top Law Enforcement Agency, alongside the Highway Patrol, with primary overwatch of the State in regards of Hunting Law Violations, and to prevent Hunting Violations, while educating the State on the current laws. The Department of Fish and Wildlife within the first ten years of its creation, was extremely successful in the reduction of Hunting violations and and creating a safe environment for State Parks within the State of San Andreas. In 1930, the first San Andreas Park Rangers Academy was created, in which served as both an in-house training facility, and as-well, a training facility for Departments around the State of San Andreas to send upcoming Law Enforcement Officers, to become certified Peace Officers for the State of San Andreas. The Park Rangers was responsible, and still is for the training of smaller Department Officers, in which are looking to become the most excellent and professional of Peace Officers to serve the State of San Andreas. Within the early 1950’s, The Department of Fish and Wildlife, was assigned under the Governor's Office, to be used as the Governors Personal Police Force, in regards to combating crime and Hunting Violations/incidents within the State of San Andreas, and throughout the State Parks, and any and all mandates/orders by the Senate/Governor that are given to the San Andreas Park Rangers, to enforce laws within the State of San Andreas or combat specific crime/incidents or given personal directives per the Governor/Senate throughout the State. The Department of Fish and Wildlife, now being under the Governor's Office, now serves as one of the top law enforcement agencies within the State of San Andreas. In 1963, the Department of Fish and Wildlife officially created the San Andreas Park Rangers, as an entity within the Department of Fish and Wildlife. The San Andreas Park Rangers are to serve as the official "Law Enforcement" agency within the Department of Fish and Wildlife, while the actual State Department serves now as an administrative bureau of the Governors Office. The State Department while still holding the capacity as a Law Enforcement Agency, shifted its main focus as stated, into more of an administrative section rather then field enforcement. The 1970’s were a hard few years for the San Andreas Park Rangers, as the Paleto Bay Shooting occurred between four San Andreas Park Rangers, against two gunmen armed with automatic rifles. Two Rangers working our Paleto Bay Watch, observed a reckless vehicle minivan, that had a previous report on it for Robbery. The Rangers made contact with the two gunmen, who were innocent at first. When the Rangers asked the gunmen to remove themselves from the vehicle, a shootout occurred, in which one Ranger within the Park Rangers Department, Dennis Martinez, was shot and killed in the line of duty. Moments later, the second Ranger, John Barker, was in a shootout with the two gunmen. Barker was in a shootout for less then two minutes, however, was able to get a call for help out. The traffic stop was commenced right outside the Paleto Ski Range, in which multiple bystanders called nine-one-one. Within the two minutes and after the help call was announced by Ranger Barker, he was shot and killed by the two gunmen. Within the next five minutes, two additional Rangers arrived, who were able to keep a standoff for around seven minutes with the two gunmen. While Ranger Evans and Ranger Johnson were in an active shootout, additional backup arrived from the Los Santos Sheriffs Department, in which they were able to flank and with overpowering force between the Sheriffs and Rangers, were able to kill the two gunmen shooting at the Rangers that night. Ranger Evans and Ranger Johnson were shot within the shootout with the two gunmen. They were later transported to a hospital by arriving units, and were declared deceased at the Plaeto Bay Hospital, later that night. Within this incident, the San Andreas Park Rangers, have drastically changed the way it teaches and trains safety to Officers and Rangers throughout the State of San Andreas. This specific incident, changed the San Andreas Park Rangers in a whole, and the way it operated on a daily basis. In the late 1990’s, the San Andreas Park Rangers was recognized for its excellence throughout the United States, due to the Park Rangers being such a combative agency to Hunting Violations, and the prevention of Hunting Violations, while as-well, educating the public on the surrounding laws of the State of San Andreas. The San Andreas Park Rangers since, has been a model Department when it comes to the reduction of Hunting Violations. The Park Rangers while being strict in the Parks, would rather educate an individual and have them learn from their mistakes, which has made their way of process so efficient. In 2014, Director Alex McGoy was assigned to the Department of Fish and Wildlife, in which from the entry of Director McGoy, would be the overall falling of the Department of Fish and Wildlife, until the year of 2021. In 2014, McGoy started blacklisting and removing multiple veteran Command and Supervisory Staff within the Park Rangers, leaving the agency with almost no 'structure' in terms of balance within the field operations and command that led the agency. With this being said, the Agency started to crash - with Rangers becoming apart of "mainstream media" for corruption and abuse of overall power while patrolling and on duty. The Rangers during the time period from 2014 until 2020, was the worst performance and overall standards the Department has had in its nearly, one hundred years of existence. McGoy was very "old-school" when it came to policing, and allowed multiple Rangers to go "lose", allowing them the freedom and capability to frankly, do whatever they wanted to do. McGoy within his time frame, and start of his first six months within the Department of Fish and Wildlife, aswell removed multiple policies and training structures from the San Andreas Park Rangers, leaving the Department with the bare minimum requirements to become a Park Ranger, and even some Rangers, being hired and forced through a "academy" they would never end up attending. In the year of 2015, the Department of Fish and Wildlife received heavy backlash from the State due to an audit that was issued by the State of San Andreas’s, Department of Finance. The audit revealed that multiple Sergeants and Command Members within the Department, filed Rangers for fake overtime pay, and in total, $500,000 of fraudulent overtime pay was filed for Rangers between 2010 and 2013. The Park Rangers has been since, in a budget squeeze and is monitored by the State Department of Finance with every transaction the Department of Fish and Wildlife, and the ones of each Ranger. Throughout the year of 2020, the San Andreas Park Rangers lost seventy-five percent of its staffing, due to an audit that was ordered through the Governors Office, for the San Andreas Highway Patrol to find the source of the corruption and problems that placed upon the Department, due to McGoy's leadership. This audit eventually was never completed, due to word going around and eventually raising up to McGoy, which in early January of 2021, McGoy resigned from his leadership position, along with multiple other Command and Supervisory Staff that were backing McGoy's leadership abilities. In April of 2021, Garrett Haywood, a former Commander of the Park Rangers, was recommended by the Highway Patrol to take the Director position, due to his outstanding performance, and aswell, being one of the only Command Staff that went against McGoy's leadership, and brought concerns to the Governors Office. Haywood has since been officially sworn in and worked throughout his first month as Director, reassigning multiple Command Staff, Supervisory Staff, and Rangers - bringing back accountability, trust and training through the Park Rangers. Haywood's focus and goals throughout the first year of his leadership, is to completely re-haul and bring back structure to the Department, allowing it to be a striving agency that it once use to be. As promised in the creation of the San Andreas Park Rangers, it looks to serve with the highest of professionalism, respect, compassion, dedicated service, trust and integrity the State of San Andreas can offer in a Law Enforcement Agency. The San Andreas Park Rangers will always remain to its core values, in which while enforcing hunting laws, regulations, and the enforcement of the penal code, is here to serve the State of San Andreas, protect civil rights and liberties, and as-well, uphold and protect the Constitution of the State of San Andreas, and the United States of America, in the most professional way possible. While the San Andreas Park Rangers is specifically statewide, our main patrol facility is at the Paleto District Headquarters, which is located in Paleto Bay, across from the Paleto Bay Fire Station. The purpose of this facility is to be a easy transport for Rangers around the State, and as-well, to overlook the State Parks as a main central hub. The San Andreas Park Rangers also utilizes multiple hubs throughout the State of San Andreas, most located within State Parks, that allow for the general public, and those employed by the agency to have a center to get guidance, and relax if needed.
  8. I have been hooked on PUBG Mobile - and the emulator they have for it on PC is pretty solid too. Does anyone play that version?
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