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  1. Look up the bystander effect. You'd be surprised how many people just continue on with their day like they didn't just see some fucked up shit happening. A lot of people in that situation wouldn't call the police simply for fear of being targeted by those people themselves. People who call 911 during these incidents are not random bystanders, they are almost always someone who has some layer of protection from the incident, IE someone looking outside their house or a store window. That being said I don't particularly have a problem with NPCs calling police if you're doing a "fast and loud" style break in but definitely think it should be circumstantial and not routine on every single break in attempt, and the amount of time taken for them to call should vary.
  2. It's the only course of action. Even if the people doing it are fictionized I promise no illegal faction leaders are encouraging their members to go up to Paleto and rob people for hunting rifles or spam /b show items.
  3. Exactly, it's the only way anything will get better. These posts solve nothing. Shit flinging contest is all it is.
  4. All the illegal RPers reading this get it. We as a "community" suck. You hate us and especially hate robberies. But actually anyone who cares enough to read this isn't the problem. How many times does one of these shit robberies finally get reported and it's some 100+ post plat donator? Almost never so why do people constantly make these posts blaming the "illegal community" for Avon Barksdale driving up to Paleto on his manchez and robbing you with little effort? Report shit RPers, that's all you can do. It's so much easier than making admins spectate every robbery. JUST. REPORT. THE. SHIT. I'm sure I've had to report more victims than I've been reported by, the legal "community" aren't a bunch of saints.
  5. You could theoretically come hang out in El Burro and no one would bother you, depending on what you're doing. There are plenty of civilians that come and go out of El Burro and generally don't get bothered unless it's by some of the rambunctious youth causing a little mischief. Will you get asked where you're from and if/what you bang? 100%. But if you say "Oh I live on Upper Fudge, I don't bang bro." You'll probably be just fine.
  6. It does it with renamed drugs, no reason why renamed drinks shouldn't be the same.
  7. Script should at least make it so the person whos set the table up can set a limit on the table without constantly monitoring every person coming and going from the poker tables. Something like /makelobby [NUMBER OF SLOTS] [TABLE] [Max $ amount] EDIT: Ill add to this I used to run a small card room with table limits but it was a major pain in the ass and not worth the effort in the slightest.
  8. Because this is a game and those of us that spend the majority of our roleplay time outside don't want to be forced inside with little to no interaction with other players.
  9. No. It rained today. Doesn't need to rain once every couple days. LS is in the southern US. Average rain fall per year - 38 San Bernardino 16.0 407 42 San Diego 10.3 263 52 San Luis Obispo 23.1 587 36 Santa Ana 13.6 346 39 Santa Barbara 19.4 494 EDIT: The number on the left of that chart is # of days it rains per year on average.
  10. The problem is most of the time they sit there for a month + and don't even get viewed, then as someone else said, they often get denied solely on the fact it's "been too long to void now." I mean, a basic report can sometimes take up to a month depending on how fast it gets picked up by an admin, and they have far more staff working on these and they are bound to be less complicated in general than your average CK appeal. Ideas to improve? I honestly don't see any way other than letting the CKd party view the CK application before the CK is carried out, perhaps they could only be shown a redacted version, or someone from IFM could simply ask them to summarize as best they can their interaction/relationship with the party applying for the CK.
  11. You might want to consider joining a street gang faction as a local to dip your toes into the water of street level drug dealing and illegal roleplay as a whole. Contrary to popular belief on the forums there are many illegal factions that have a high quality of roleplay standards and are always ready and willing to introduce both new and legal roleplayers to illegal RP.
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