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  1. Email or PH: 41234. Mr.Rozen.
  2. Title says it all, email me or call me 41234 - Sharon Cohen
  3. Professional manager with large range of experience in running many businesses in town seeking new businesses to manage - Contact 41234. Sharon Cohen - Email ((forum pm))
  4. Email with offers or post here - 41234 Sharon Biton.
  5. Willing to write and make great money for it? Contact 41234 - Sharon Biton or via emails.
  6. Contact me Rico Cohen - 41234
  7. If you're interested, contact Rico Cohen via 41234 or emails. Thank you.
  8. A new cyber mafia in town? By EMMANUEL PINTO In the past few weeks, LSNN's hotline has received multiple calls about cyberattacks occurring around Los Santos. After a thorough investigation LSNN managed to get in contact with a person whose identity will remain hidden. This phone caller was a small-time member within the organization that was cyber-blackmailing people, the member itself has admitted personally that there is a group in Los Santos that uses items such as tap wire to gather information about famous people in Los Santos. Afterward, they proceed to wait until they have enough information to blackmail them. The member has also admitted that he recently left the organization before anything went wrong, as all the current members of the organization are tied up by personal blackmail on each member. Prior to joining this organization the members must do a humiliating act that makes people consider that member an abomination within the society's perspective, therefore making sure members refuse to leave the organization and remain in it unwillingly in case they want to quit. The member claims that he resigned from the organization and does not care about his personal reputation and must warn the world for the greater good. The organization, which has no name, claims that they are responsible for several attacks that occurred among famous celebrities in Los Santos. In response, we have asked the police for a comment. For now people are left to wonder who is behind this organization. Comments are enabled Username: Comment:
  9. Gang murder in Little Seoul By EMMANUEL PINTO. Los Santos, SA - This Friday afternoon police responded to a shots fired situation in Little Seoul, only to find a Caucasian male laying on the ground who was shot several times. The response team believed, based upon first responders' visual description, that the perpetrator was an African-American male who was last running towards the building block armed with a lethal weapon. Half of the first responders began surrounding the building, while the other half began securing the area. The victim who was gunned down was losing a lot of blood. The police were taking care of crowd control to make sure that by the time EMS arrived, they'd be able to save the man, but unfortunately, the victim was announced dead before they arrived. Once enough police force members were present on the scene, the police breached the building to arrest the criminal. The perpetrator was gunned down by the tactical police force and was transported away in an ambulance. His current condition is unknown. It is believed that the entire shooting has occurred based upon a gang dispute among two rival gang members, one who is allegedly affiliated with Aryan gangs (the victim) and the other one (the attacker) with an African-American gang. Bystander witnesses claim that they heard no argument prior to the shooting, believing it was a spontaneous attack by a rival gang member against another gang member. Luckily, aside from the victim, no other parties were harmed in the situation. Comments are enabled Username: Comment:
  10. STARTING BID: 100,000 BUYOUT: 250,000 ((Lester's interior))
  11. A dry-cleaning + high-end clothing store for lease, high profit potential to those who will dedicate themselves to the business. Located in East Vinewood by Mirror park close to the taxi spot. Picture to be added soon. Pricing per week is negotiable depending how long you intend on leasing, more information will be given to the serious leasers. Contact - 41234 or Email ((Forum PM))
  12. He is my good friend, he is a good guy. He is helpful, very daring and never lies.

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