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  1. Moore

    [BUYING] Kanjo.

    Hey, looking to buy a Kanjo, spec doesn't matter, email me with your Kanjo's up for grabs. Cheers!
  2. Selling my 2012 Ubermacht Sentinel Cabrio, in Imola red, sat on aftermarket 19" rims, vehicle was purchased from a dealership a month or so ago, but spotted another car that I want to get my hands on, so sadly I'm throwing this up for sale, the car has an aftermarket GT3071 turbo and tuned to run the extra power. along with a full stainless steel cobra exhaust with 3" tips, this particular model is the earliest model still on the road in LS, being a 4726 vin, all though still on low miles, being six hundred miles, and the car isn't being used daily so the mileage won't change by much. the car
  3. I witnessed a small amount of bugs, the only main one I came across towards the end of the testing was /vstats didn't show. anything. So gimme 1.1 back!
  4. Moore

    [SOLD] Oracle XS

    Can I view it in person?
  5. Willing to pay $80,000, if I can test it before purchase.
  6. Moore


    Offering $75,000 for the Oracle.
  7. You literally owned a Pariah lmao. And then tried telling me I'm a mallrat for having a Sultan Classic. But yeah, to answer the question.. I mean sure, it gets frustrating.. but I don't really tend to give it any attention besides some IC abuse thrown their way for the bad taste in cars.
  8. I'm looking to buy a Cheburek, mileage.. condition, doesn't really matter as it'll be worked on anyways. HMU with whatever you have via email or 1430680 SMS/Call.
  9. LMAO lowballin' ass. (editing your offer by seven grand doesn't make it any less of a lowball)
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