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  1. Username: TheOne Comment: This is just ridiculous, I dont know whats more funny, senator, her comparison or the actual law. Cops have killed more people than people have fished out and nobody is talking about that.
  2. Penthouse is now also available for renting! Contact if you are interested!
  3. Bidding on the penthouse is still available!
  4. Left you a note, feel free to contact anytime
  5. Luxurious Eclipse Towers Apartment FOR SALE OR RENT! --Apartment Includes-- Two bedrooms Two bathrooms Personal Gym Office Separated laundry room Huge living room with various arcade games (Including table tennis, pool table, air hockey) Modern kitchen in addition to living room Rent Price starts at: $25.000 - Week $80.000 - Month STARTING BID: 700k MINIMUM BID INCREASE: 20k BUYOUT: 1M
  6. Hello! LOOKING TO PURCHASE ANY KIND OF BUSINESS! PERFERABLY LOOKING FOR BETTING PARLOR / HARDWARE SHOP Feel free to contact me regarding details of the business along with the asking price ((Forum PM)) Thanks!
  7. I guess we all take a line here n there, and shit really is expensive, keep it tight G
  8. I think yall are missing the point of this thread here...Offer up a business if you wanna trade
  9. Idk if anyone played on IW-RP (Inglewood roleplay) on SAMP, later moved to PR:RP (Project Reality RP) for most of my time and then spent a bit on LS:RP
  10. Shit my man, I hope you know how dangerous it is to mix pre workout when addicted to coke, hope your situation isn't that bad. Im one hell of a weed junkie...Was smoking for 5 years, decided to take a break now, going more than 2 months without it, getting my brains together...
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