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  1. No Collection, No Fee At 424 Debt Recovery, Inc. we provide expert repossession services to finance companies, banks and many independent institutions and businesses. We are determined to revolutionize the repossession industry from our very first contact and throughout the recovery process. Our recovery agents have received training and are experienced in the field for over 10 years and the legalities of repossession. We use the latest and most advanced technological methods to track down and recover collateral including the use of DRN cameras on our tow trucks that can spot license plates and help identify the target vehicles. We specialize in vehicle repossession and our agents are trained to avoid confrontations and practice conflict minimizing techniques, allowing our clients to avoid any unpleasantness and reducing negative reactions from the debtor as well. Contact us under the E-Mail [email protected] (( Forum PM @Gurbsta or @PENI Cordless )) or call us on 8534131 or 3490192.
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