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  1. Reach out IC to a senator so they can tell you no because youre not friends with them OOC
  2. Username: User32434324432 Comment: Instead of wasting money on abortion just throw the baby into a dumpster at birth, you already pay for garbage collection so theres no extra cost.
  3. Read what you said and then read it again, it's still going to make 0 sense. Why would there be issues for getting 'caught' with a legal gun when its a LEGAL gun and you aren't engaging in crime? Of course you're going to get into trouble if you're caught with an ILLEGAL firearm on you, that's kind of the entire point, there is this thing called penal code, it has laws in it, people are expected to follow laws, they're like rules. Why are legal firearms meant to be difficult to obtain? Are you seriously delusional enough to think that illegal firearms should be accessible more easily than legal ones, even if without CCW? Your point makes 0 sense, players with illegal guns can abuse them just as easily, and there is no way to make sure there are suitable people obtaining them who dont have the intent to play supervillains lol.
  4. So legal players should not be able to carry firearms because illegal players cannot be trusted to roleplay fear of possibly robbing an armed person who can shoot them in the head? Makes sense
  5. So what youre saying is that because a small group of people decided to play vigilantes (which is an IC thing as it's in the penal code), all legal roleplayers should suffer, but when illegal roleplayers DM eachother breaking half the server rules that's completely OK because they're criminals, it's what they do?
  6. The fact is that gun access for civilians is not limited. It's only limited to players on the legal side of things. Not only is your point of view wrong, but so is your definition of a civilian. A civilian is any person who isn't in the armed forces or police forces. Criminals are civilians and yet they are not limited.
  7. And if you aren't concealing then youre storing your weapon either in your vehicle or at home, so either way, chances are someone will eventually get their hands on it regardless.
  8. Having played a character who concealed a pistol for about 3-4 months without possessing a CCW, I can tell you that the risk isn't that big as long as you're not a clown. And I think it's safe to assume that a lot of other PF holders also conceal without a valid permit. If you aren't stupid it's very easy to not get in trouble. Just because you don't see it, doesn't mean it doesn't happen - which is the whole point of CONCEALING.
  9. 'Anyone' already has access to guns. 'Anyone' can submit a PF application and have it accepted without an issue, unless they broke rules in the past. A lot of PF holders already conceal without having the CCW - my character has been walking around concealing for months without a CCW.
  10. Are you saying illegal suppliers should be removed as they add more guns into the equation?
  11. Its because of people like this, why the rest of us cant have nice things. Good cause should be lifted and semi automatic rifles should be added as PF weapons, or at least under an endorsement considering criminals run around with fully automatic weapons and sniper rifles.
  12. This also applies for player reports on the forum and things like refund requests etc.
  13. A single admin, not including management, responding to a thread about admin response, sums up the issue pretty well.
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