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  1. Username: deon.r Comment: i thought they give under 18s puberty blockers, which are completely reversible anyways??? why are u comparing that to nazijugend? kindof insulting to those who lived through that awful time. an actual trans kid bein listened to and accepted is not the same as brainwashin a child into a nazi. do u actually care about the youth or is this just an excuse to talk all ur bullshit? do u do anything to help the kids who have been neglected or abused, or live in foster homes, or victims of substance abuse and poverty? i think they wud benefit more from the energy u seem to put into this
  2. There is a social aspect, for sure, but the clubs i've personally been to IRL, the music is so loud that even just shouting "do you want another drink" to your buddy several times becomes a work out for your voice box. I'm not sure if the clubbing experience is different in america than where I live but I find the GTA:W nightclubs to be a really immersion-breaking experience; most of the people there act like the music doesn't exist, talk with their friends for a bit and seem completely sober from head to toe, then hop into their really expensive sports cars after 10 shots in the space of 20 minutes and drive to the next club to do the same thing all over again. Whenever i've been to a club in GTA:W, i've never felt that "energy" you mentioned. Just a very lackluster social hub. So yeah I think the portrayal inside nightclubs is something that needs talking about more than the amount of nightclubs.
  3. Still got a chance to audition tomorrow evening at 7PM.
  4. This thread will follow the development of Benjamin Vaughan, a quiet boy growing up under the influence of his Father, the President of the Bastards Motorcycle Club.
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