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  1. This thread will follow the development of Benjamin Vaughan, a quiet boy growing up under the influence of his Father, the President of the Bastards Motorcycle Club.
  2. I think you're best bet is to just try and not fall into the stereotypical Londoner, who talks like they're the queen and has a cup of tea every two seconds. The accent, even in London, isnt nearly as posh as its depicted on TV. It is true that we definitely have our own culture but each individual is different and unless you're planning on roleplaying a much older british person, its unlikely that the language you use will be much different than an american apart from the odd change here and there. Because of television and movies, alot of english is Americanised and you'll find younger generations of british people using a combination of american and british english. Overall, aside from basic information about where theyre from, how they got from there to Los Santos, and little language changes, I don't think theres anything big that would be too difficult to quickly research or would effect your portrayal of a british person. It will only be a bad portrayal if you took every stereotype from british culture and tried to mash them all into one person, as that would become very obvious and less of a character and more of caricature. dont overthink it too much and have fun.
  3. hey, i've lived in the UK my whole life and to answer your question, the accent and phrases depend alot on which part of the UK you want your character to be from. These things vary a lot depending on which region you're born in just like most countries. I'd suggest deciding which specific region you want your character to be from and going from there. There is also just some general language differences between UK english and american english, so whilst an american character would say trash, a british person would typically say rubbish. Crisps, instead of chips, then chips instead of fries, car parks instead of parking lots, etc. It would take a while to list them all so i'd recommend just a quick google search of something like "british alternatives to american words". I usually roleplay an american character so i've had to do the same thing just the other way round. hope this helps, feel free to PM me and I can try to provide more useful information about any other questions you might have or what region you decide to go with. have fun with your character ?
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