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  1. **The website is poorly optimized, each page takes a significant amount of time to load.** About: Giordani's Tailor and Boutique is an Italian American ran clothing store, with an emphasis on affordability and quality. The store offers a rang of services from made to measure clothing, alterations and high-end luxury clothing and accessories. Located in the sleepy Mirror Park district of Los Santos, San Andreas. Giordani's welcomes you to a unique shopping experience. Location: Contact Us: ((Contact through Forum PM)) ((Comment section for the website would be disabled))
  2. I'm not sure what OP said was dis appreciative, they've outlined some genuine concerns. I can't speak for the male clothing situation, but females have lost a lot of their basic clothing options. And, no. There isn't something better to replace it.
  3. Username: GreenManWatcher420 Comment: the goberment are hiding the aliemen from us @ fort zancudo. we should all arrange a raid on it!!! #FreeTheGreen
  4. Property has been sold, L&A.
  5. [SOLD] Backside Located in the industrial La Mesa area of the city, Backside is a dive bar on Popular Street and situated underneath the Olympic Freeway. The property is being sold with all of it's stock and furnishings; ready for new ownership. Exterior: Interior: OOC: Starting Price: $250,000 Bid Increments: $5000 (Minimum) Buyout Price: $390,000 ((Trades will not be considered.))
  6. Grab the license plates and make an RPQM report if you notice this consistently and believe it's a consistent issue that can't be dealt with ICly.
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