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  1. Prod

    [4SALE] Obey 9F

    Price sadly too low. Not interested in trades. Thank you for the offer.
  2. Contact me if needed! Don't miss your chance!
  3. Prod

    [4SALE] Obey 9F

    Obey 9F - High End Upgraded Engine, Brakes, Transmission + Best Security (( Pictures are in low quality )) (( OOC Stats )) Starting Price: 290'000 $ Contact Me! [email protected] (( PM )) 📧 3400 ☎️
  4. Contact me on the phone or via email! Phone: 3400 Email: ((PM))
  5. Still for sale! - Don't miss your chance.
  6. Without saying too much, there is indeed a project that goes along those lines. However it won't be focused on "gang-involved" kids. Also, it is indeed hard to implement. I don't have any date or such, but this is something that might see the day. But not how you may have described it.
  7. (( May we see the /stats please? )) Interested - 45k $
  8. (( It is most certainly a bug, nothing that affects the car. ))
  9. Remains Available! Asked price: 190k $
  10. (( It has been said that it is possible, feel free to ask staff )) Offer considered. - What you do with the car doesn't affect my price, I'm sorry. Remains Available!
  11. (( I can sell over market price, I just have to do the maximum through the command and the rest through bank transfer to have the correct tax amount. )) Offer considered but remains too low for the time being. Retail price is 200k $. Feel free to pay that amount for a car without any modification. Car remains available!
  12. Too low of an offer. Car remains available! Price: 190'000$
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