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  1. 1.1M $ offer, giving it a shot.
  2. +1 I most likely won't get to enjoy it because of christmas day, keeping it for a few more days won't hurt. Snow gives a whole new vibe to the server and it's refreshing to see. If you're mapping, I'm sure you can use a 3 days break on the 365 you have, plus it doesn't completely stop you. And we are not LA.
  3. Noted! Will give it 2 days, if no other offer, will go to you!
  4. Emperor Vectre - BRAND NEW Low Mileage Body Kit + Wing + Wrap + Vanity Plate Top Tier Security Performance Package Gallery Starting 210'000$ (( Stats )) Call - 3400 | Email - (( PM ))
  5. Why PD doesn't answer to shootings or whatever? Cause 99% of the time it gets paused and voided. I'm here to roleplay, not play waiting simulator. Edit: Make a rule that you can dip without notice when a scene gets paused for more than 5 mins
  6. Prod

    [SOLD] Penumbra FF

    155'000 $ - Not willing to go lower at this time.
  7. Prod

    [SOLD] Blista Kanjo

    An email has been sent to arrange the sale.
  8. Kanjo Special Vanity Plate "Kanjo" Price: XX'XXX $ GALLERY Stats Contact Under this AD | Email me ((PM))
  9. Penumbra FF Price: XXX'XXX $ GALLERY Stats Contact Under this AD | Email me ((PM))
  10. Late summed it up, you can't expect normal police response like you would see in Cali when we get mass murders every night. When the crime rate will be reallistic, police response will be realistic, as in 1:1 with LA. But since we have a death rate similar to WW2, that ain't happening.
  11. No Longer for Rent. Thank you all for your interest.
  12. Status: UNAVAILABLE Two Story house in Vespucci located close to the beach 2201 Bay City Avenue, Los Santos Includes: Power, Gas, Internet, TV. Rent: 26,000 (Per Month) Facilities: - Furnished - Cable TV - Own Parking - Family orientated Description: Couple looking to rent out a cozy Two Story house in Vespucci with own parking, two bedrooms, balcony and located close to the beach to other couples and/or families. We would love to have a sit down. Please contact us via email (Forum PM) or call 3400. Gallery: FULL GALLERY - LINK
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