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  1. Name: H. Meyer Phone number: [email protected] Picture of PF: **A picture is submitted. Bid: 150,000
  2. (LEO) Feature Showcase: Snakecam Overview A snakecam is able to be used by both the Los Santos Police Department and the Los Santos County Sheriff's Department and is used to view inside of properties without actually going inside. The snakecam displays the apartment, the user's department, their rank and the first letter of their first name and their last name in full. It also displays the time and date at the bottom right cornor. Commands & Keys /Snakecam (sc) - To start snakecamming an apartment while standing infront of it. F4 / Y: To exit snakecam. Multi-Interiors:-
  3. Selling 2306 Jamestown Street house, a house in rancho. 3 Garages First Bid: $200,000 Buyout: $456,000 If you rp in the area with a faction that's in the area contact me for a lower price, I don't use the place, I rather people that rp in the area buy it than just randoms, even if it's a much lower price than the above.
  4. 12 Hours and it'll be sold to the current bid.
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