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  1. Tried to call but no answer. When are you available in the city?
  2. Selling a nearly finished, 1st floor Vespucci Boulevard apartment very close to the famous canals. Starting bid: $240,000. Buyout: $354,600. Any offers below the starting bid will NOT be considered! Interior pictures: https://imgur.com/a/leKfjw5 Exterior pictures: https://imgur.com/a/TFptGQw (( Property info: ))
  3. Title says it all, send me an email if you happen to have an actual house for sale.
  4. Offering buyout after viewing. A. Sabbatini - Phone: #03788286
  5. Ohh I see, my bad. Best of luck!
  6. Floor 7, room 9 - Floor 2, room 14 and Floor 7, room 10 are currently being sold by the state!
  7. I don't really understand why rape RP is allowed in the first place. Having someone PM you asking for rape permissions just weirds you out and ruins the whole mood you're in. Let's say you're at a club and some random PMs you asking you for that, you're going to be on the look-out 24/7. +1 from me
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