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  1. I feel long emotes with excessive needless fluff are tiresome to read through. And short emotes with absolutely no content are repetitive and don't really bring your character to life. Both ways are kind of robotic. You can often compensate for it with other type of roleplay for example cracking jokes/flirting/being rude or something. I think you should focus on bringing quality to short emotes. "/me laughs." is kinda meh. "/me laughs heartily." is already better and tells you about the way someone laughs. "/me booms with laughter!" is getting more unique and descriptive without cluttering the chat screen. You can of course also always put a lot of details in long emotes but that seems better suited for special situations and not in mass events with a lot of people. And personally I'm too lazy for it.
  2. Good run I really enjoyed my time in this fac gl w/ whatever you do next
  3. yes finally i can rp smelly dirty people
  4. This is it, I love characters that are fun and actively create RP for everyone else.
  5. gytha

    Davis Devil

    tax free woman beater
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