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  1. berserk enjoyer 🙏 following
  2. So from what I've figured out till now, if I reinstall gta's graphic files or server files this doesn't happen until after an hour or so of game time. After that, it stays around no matter what I do unless if I completely reinstall gta's graphic files or the server files. Still completely confused as to how this works, so I'll appreciate help from any1
  3. Yeah, I don't have that, only thing that I have of RageMP in C is the shortcuts for start menu
  4. Nothing that I can find but the shortcuts.
  5. Other than the actual start menu shortcut, what other files are there in C:? I've been looking and haven't found anything
  6. if u can't notice the weird lighting just click on the pictures and it'll be alot more prominent
  7. Hey, for the last six-seven months I've had really weird lighting and shadows (espically at night also it also sometimes happens in day at specific locations) at dark places I have no mods installed or in use rn, I completely reinstalled the entirety of the GTAV update file (not to mention this doesn't happen in gta online or in the story mode) and RageMP as a whole, also tried to troubleshoot, optimize with GeForce Experience and etc etc Originally I thought this was just a byproduct of the ENB I used back then which was NVE's, but this problem sticked around for a good while afterward too for some reason even though I completely uninstalled everything related to NVE or it's ENB (I verified game cache tens of times) From my testing, I haven't noticed it on any other ragemp servers I'll gladly accept any help because atm it makes my game look atrocious and like I've got a breast cancer awarness reshade on all the time Some screenshots for reference: and finally, a comparison between how it is when im on gtaw and how it is in story mode and another entirely different ragemp server: top is gtaw second is another ragemp server third is story mode (usually only one side of the car is purple-ish like this - whichever one is facing the darker side) Ty in advance
  8. this shit is so good each one of these posts make me question my life choices
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