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  1. Well, I might as well just try it out, if its that bad I'll just go back to normal. So.. How exactly does undervolting work?
  2. Afaik all the fans and thermal paste is working as intended, rly clueless, might just be an issue with the card itself, but again, not sure. I'll run it through some computer lab sometime this week and see if they can figure out with its a problem with the actual equipment or if its on something else's end
  3. I'd like to think even if it isn't that wild for my card, 87 still isn't healthy for my pc? be it the limit or not?
  4. Okay so I ended up reinstalling ragemp and gtav, reinstalled all mods I had (and tried to play the game without the mods and with different ones), the issue still persists, nothing's changed. So, that leaves me with just this undervolting strat to try... Can someone explain to me what it is? I suck at PC stuff.
  5. I also read all of those, the thing is, I just consistenly get around 85 if not higher temps, and sure, here and there its probably nothing, but I'd like to think having those temps for a lot of time still makes things go south at a certain point, no? I'm really dumb with pc stuff btw so
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