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  1. I bid 150,000 united state dollars.
  2. 3 days with snow interior means 3 days with no ERP!😫👉🏽👈🏽
  3. How about removing snow from LS but keeping it in Paleto.. if all other else fails...
  4. Stop trying to copy IRL, yes it doesn’t snow in LA, but do you realize that trying to copy LA 1:1 roleplay doesn’t make you a better roleplayer? It’s just a snow, keep it until mid January and you can finally take your shirts off to show off your full back tattoos, elite gangsters!
  5. People are quick to criticize anything that’s out of their ordinary standards especially things like new environments etc and will call you a mallrat for anything. In my opinion snow would absolutely bring back motivation as bidi bom says, lots of my friends and I included, really appreciate the snow on the map and will take full advantage in roleplay matters.
  6. CORN


    If you’re gonna smoke something make sure it’s some good gas ??? ?
  7. Username: TTGTrigga276 Comment: Another uneducated cracker who came to talk irrelevant shit. Yeah yeah, let me tell you that most gangs around LS are either Hispanic or neo-nazi related. But you didn’t even mention it, you nazi crackhead Devil. You are one of them and came here to hate on us saying how “outdated such movements are or not judged based on who we are but what we do”. Bullshit. You don’t know anything about San Andreas’ racial profiling if you ain’t black. Per 100,000 deaths, 96 of them are black related whereas at the same numbers, whites are 39. That alone shows how corrupted the streets of Los Santos and who the real terrorists are. The only one outdated here is you because you still think equality exists in Los Santos and black gangs are far more terrorizing than other.
  8. Username: TTGTrigga276 Comment: @KeyboardWarrior You’re probably a snow ass white man yourself with all the shit you’re saying. We are gonna bring it up on ourselves? How are WE the problem, when we got racist motherfuckers like you to abuse us, enslave us, kill us for no reason, incarcerate us and expect not to hear anything from us? We were in a cage for 400 years and y’all thought you were superior but now that we are fighting for our freedom, y’all started to look like bitches! Everything is limited for the black man within San Andreas. We got to face the daily police corruption / brutality and all that shit you’re probably into, cracker. I am not going to respect any whites for what they’ve done to my brothers in the past and I don’t want any from them neither. We set an example within the a Black Community and we get praised for what we do. Personally, the shit I’ve done for most of the young black kids, in my neighborhood? That’s nothing but love. We’ve tried earning “respect” by protesting in many peaceful marches, yet we’d always have pigs hitting us with batons and telling us to “move back to Africa”. We AINT the ones that started it. You are and we’ll continue it.
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