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  1. Get to know your surroundings
  2. You can't really compare this duo with some other characters ingame, maybe some but not with every robber/murderer. While it is more likely that the gang members in the hood use this guns more often it is more unlikely that the mob or any other more rational human being will use them ever again after they committed a murder with it. All of you are looking at the extreme examples somehow. Be realistic. And by the way aren't we all looking to portray Los Angeles and not New Orleans or Chicago? Or am I missing on something here? Because all of the examples above are from other states.
  3. This. I think that people never roleplay throwing a gun because they will loose 20k+ . To make it more clear, mobs supplied the guys that did the hits with guns so they can do the job and then throw the gun (usually off a bridge) so this cannot be backtracked to them. It seems like this is not the mentality on the server and the mob is trying to sell the guns to their hired people and make profit out of it while asking for a hit to be done with the same gun. Also I think that if the PK rule allows you to know the story until the situation where you got killed then you should be able to have yo
  4. This thread will follow the development of a 15 year old Polynesian by the name of Koamalu Tapau. Koamalu's parents immigrated from Tonga in the late 90's. His parents decided to have a kid at an older age as they were unsure about their future in Los Santos. They established themselves in the poor part of Los Santos around Rancho where the price for a house wasn't as high as in the other areas as that was their only option with low-wage jobs. Koamalu would be able to see different kinds of situations aro
  5. That's what I am trying to say everyone has it and it has come to the point where it makes no sense anymore, everyone trying to make that $ :"D
  6. I tried selling marijuana around Los Santos. You won't believe it but someone said that his character was going to get cancer from it and most of the others were trying to sell their own inventory instead of buying so it seemed to me like mission impossible until I found someone that almost left me with nothing. Marijuana is the most healthy and used drug of them all IRL and still there is almost no one that buys any on the server unless you get lucky and don't tell me that I have no idea because it also seems as if everyone has their own 2 seeds at home.
  7. Exactly, in the real world. However, on the server it's different story even if you are active from time to time your property gets taken which made a bunch of good people leave the server but that's not what has to be discussed here. Also, maybe you don't care if you loose your house over 1g of weed but most of the people do because they put a lot of effort into that very house.
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