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  1. That is indeed what is happening with the LFM funds, the owner of a faction or business is getting a specific amount of money which he then redistributes on IC basis. For example these guys at ULSA set up a cryptocurrency mining builds and they are getting specific amount of money from the management as passive income accounted for what they have in their basement but these scenes mostly come in factions or businesses where mostly admins are involved that can control it or LFM anyways but the point is that if you are stranger to them you are not getting anything and it sucks.
  2. Here are the current problems. Possible solutions, unpleasant at this point for the community but at least a possibility and of course it is easier said than done, this is very complex. And I also get where this is coming from. And now let's add this to it: An ice cream shop owner makes $40,000 every 48 hours which accounts to up to $600,000 per month + $4,000 the hour because he works there too and this is quite a bit of money.. in the meantime there are pawnshops that sell knuckle dusters/switchblades and all hells and heavens making up to $2,00
  3. You can't really have much diversity in terms of music if there are no DJ's that are willing to do something different.
  4. Jericho 941, I have been waiting for this one for quite some time and I never even found a single mod about it.
  5. This is awesome! Last time around we tried to coordinate a speech with some politicians but that never ended up happening because of XYZ reasons. We would love to roleplay with you in the future once our worlds collide!
  6. Most we can say right now is that there are plans going on for something similar. Stay tuned!
  7. Before starting this festival scene I got in touch with the LSGOV guys and they said that they are not funding such events. I have asked if we can ask money through businesses for the events and that did not work as well so that is out of the question at least for now even though I have been communicating with people who have a general idea about this kind of stuff and said that we should get money from the LSGOV. LSFD was always cool with everything and they did a pretty good job, props out to them!!! LSPD helped us last time around with the festival but the thing
  8. Maybe we should focus on the lore-friendly side just like the cars and clothes are. We should strive to make a world that works with up to 1000 players at one time while also making it fun and with opportunities for everyone. We cannot compare GTAW with real life and we cannot compare Los Santos with Los Angeles no matter what. I think there is still a struggle with the economy and how people are getting paid for what they do and this is very important in order for everything to be more realistic while also fun. And apart from that expensive or decent cars and houses are locked aw
  9. A brawl with the snobs
  10. *The poster can be seen in various places like at the entrance of clubs/bars, pin boards/billboards and lamps around the city. It is also advertised around the media and the University of Los Santos as well as the Scorpio Events Offices where the main point for ticket sales is* *There is a point of contact underneath the poster with the numbers: 6395 and 9997788*
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