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  1. How do you roleplay one properly? I wanna learn
  2. I rp a civilian and I run every intersection lol
  3. Just make this a team deathmatch server.
  4. I say we just remove the LSPD and LSSD from the server and make the SAPR our primary LEO faction.
  5. I’d like to see the PD be split between armed and unarmed Officers for realism. Pursuits nowadays don’t really happen, so there should also be very heavy moderation on allowing police to chase people. 90% of cops should be unarmed IMO, and there should be a focus away from policing people IC to allow actual powerful organizations like OC to control the city. Any dangerous situations should also be avoided as PD needs to rp fear of losing life.
  6. Gta World hasn't been the same without Davis LTD.
  7. We’ve all got to remember that this is a game.
  8. banned for banning the wrong person
  9. Downloading this now. Looks very good. - Downloaded it and I'm loving it, you did your thing with this one!
  10. banned for banning someone for being a male with the name Chanel.
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