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  1. There may be some option that would currently let you do that, I suggest going through each of the possible /hairtie options to see if any of them work. From the female options, /hairtie bun removes the hair for me when I have my full-head mask on and /hairtie highbun removes it when wearing my usual motorcycle helmet. There may be some helmets or masks that some of the current /hairtie options won't fix and I don't know about the male counterparts, but it's worth a try anyway! Either way, a bald option for the hair would make it a lot more consistent and it should be added.
  2. This could have some issues if you continue to be around the same characters as before you were incarcerated since they wouldn't be forced to roleplay ageing the same way, creating a large age gap between you the characters you had previously interacted with.
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