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  1. From a purely personal point of view. I value stability. I'd prefer to stay on the current version until it's clear as daylight that switching over to 1.1 fixes all current gripes with the current version. #1 on that list is sync issues. Tires constantly spinning even past the point of running on rims when stationary. Vehicle damage being inconsistent, making judgement calls regards to accident re-construction next to impossible. Sirens not being synced. Only the wail is heard. Might not seem like a big deal. But anyone who's worked as police, fire & medical knows yel
  2. I hail from a community (yes we all know which one) where faction descripted-takedowns were done. But those took many many months to gather sufficient evidence. And the community for a large part liked it all-round. It gives a sense of consequences for illegal factions. Makes you think long & hard about who you trust and to what degree to not jeopardize the entire operation. And when that day DOES come, it was considered top notch roleplay between everybody involved. Stakes were/are high on both sides. And was always fun reading through the often 60-page essay written up with months
  3. Soccer club got turned into mahjong club. Orchestra was disbanded. Budget cuts. There's an amateur barbershop quartet that sometimes gather after-shift. Their latest hit they're working on is titled "Bringing law to the lawless"
  4. There's alot of people who think that way in the faction, believe it or not 😆 more times than one I wondered out loud "Should be getting paid for this" Just like in real life I often go "I aint getting paid enough to deal with this shit."
  5. That is very, very wishful and ignorant thinking. There's chaos every 2 nights..
  6. You're unfortunately incorrect on your first paragraph. The LSPD is based off of the LAPD. (how much or how little is subject to debate). The LAPD has a fully dedicated air wing. Consisting of 19 helicopters and 1 fixed-wing aircraft. 50ish pilots I think and numerous support staff. I do not know why you think it's unrealistic, maybe because you hail from europe. But the LAPD has anywhere from 1 up to 3 aircraft up at all times to provide real-time assistance to patrol units on the ground. So they DO infact "Patrol". And that's not counting the LASD who has their own dedicated air unit,
  7. Gang injunctions are a thing. When a certain group steps out of line, be it cause of ongoing, increasingly violent moves made, or a flashpoint of intolerable behavior (I.E. Gunning down cops in broad daylight). Courts will order an injunction. And with a very effective detective bureau, that usually simmers people back down to acceptable levels. So you see, a system is already in place for gang-related issues.
  8. Where do you draw the line at "What's healthy, playing to win" and what's "Toxic, I hate this gangbanging donkey and I'm going to do everything in my power to find him, lock him up and laugh at him". You win some, you lose some. But am I automatically cancerous because I want to exhaust all options to catch someone? Why should I deliberately dumb myself down ingame, or handicap myself when the other person doesn't because of the uniform I wear Icly?
  9. Absolutely, the cascade story that 99% of the community never heard about is another perfect example. I was horrified, and I still to this day feel so sorry for cascade.
  10. Fucked up. Still editing. I have to sadly agree with this. I respect the good that was done, but it's far overshadowed by the bad it brought with it. Flemwad wasn't joking. A huge amount of people felt underappreciated, and rightfully so. Favoritism was/is rampant, and if you aren't conforming to "their" norms, you're left out in the cold. People who spent over a year busting their asses to get places were thrown back to favor those that did conform. Rather than accept the fact people are inherintly different and accept that, along with the fact that people have their own personalities. Thos
  11. Yes, cause an organized crime family known to operate under the radar, with strict code of conduct always leaves things laying around to be used as proof of their criminal activities and WANT people to know they're behind something. If you can't see, hear or find them breaking the law, then they MUST be legit. Makes absolute sense.
  12. LSPD Metrocops. Offering free privilege & reality checks.
  13. It's your typical rivalry between agencies that spiraled out of control. Who "Started" it you can't really say, as I'm sure both departments had a stake in it. But from a PD point of view, I've met some seriously bad apples in sheriffs, been threatened (yes, one LEO to another) and there were even instances of near-fights between agencies. Granted, on one side you can praise the dedication people go to to organically portray their character development through this. But recently it did spiral out of control. I don't know where we stand now honestly, as I've had to focus on work the past
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