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  1. Gonna go ahead 'n delete my post, as I just now realized I'm plugging the LSPD on a topic that's all about LSNN I'm not awake yet. Sue me 🙂
  2. I always direct people who want to RP regular civvies who want to stick to the legal side of things to check the LSPD's civil employment section. There's a few people who find it appealing to RP as a janitor. If you want a job that's guaranteed interaction with people, LSPD receptionist. There's a whole range of things you can apply for, in the near future I think even fleet mechanic jobs will be offered for those that want to take mechanic RP to the next level & be in charge of the department's fleet maintenance.
  3. I honestly don't know why this isn't already a thing. I'm an LEO RP'er, so my knowledge about illegal stuff infrastructure / organizational wise is limited. I hope people weren't serious when they said factions made by admins got instant official status. Cause I'll concur, that's very very unfair & biased. A "Faction" should have it's roots as unofficial, start from literal scratch, and work your way up. With official status being awarded to those who: A) Stick with it, regardless of what happens, and take the good with the bad. B) Provide others with regular con
  4. Plus. To add onto what I already said. It's because of those few instances, people take notice and most modern-day vehicles. I'm thinking 2020 & up itterations of vehicles, have anti-theft systems built in directly as standard. I'm thinking about the new Tahoe for instance, that has dedicated anti-theft.
  5. I think the reason this isn't a thing, and why it probably will remain not being a thing, is cause this is the exception, rather than the norm. That, coupled with the fact that there is infact anti-theft options available to emergency vehicles. My department had a system where you'd flick a switch somewhere that keeps the engine running, but locks the vehicle in park. Once activated, you then need to flick a secondary switch which is usually hidden very well, to de-activate the system again. So trust me when I say, anti-theft is a thing, and some systems being very, ve
  6. There are many people experiencing these issues, it's not an isolated issue. I was told it was due to problems/limitations with the streamer, but I feel it's more directly related to 1.1, as I don't remember having them this severe prior to 1.1 Either case, posting to follow, suffering from the same issues.
  7. You need to chill. You're taking advice I'm giving to someone else and turning it into your own little fantasy. I dunno who you're referring to with "Y'all". There's nobody else involved in this?? This is/was someone who had a genuine question as a new RP'er, and wanted to know stuff about it. If anybody wanted to go after you for whatever it is you did or didn't do. You'd be explaining yourself in player reports, which isn't the case. So again, why you're tripping so hard is beyond me. All this is, is one guy offering advice to someone else. Something you're not even inv
  8. I discourage everyone from playing the robbing game as your primary means of income. Robbing people brings out the worst in both parties time and time and time again. With the 1 odd exception that happens once every blue moon. Might just be me being cynical. But the first red flag should've been the fact it took them 2 whole minutes to reply to you. That right there instantly gives me vibes that that dude's on discord, teamspeak, whatever else there is and MG'ing like nobody's business. Coupled with the fact that when they did infact roleplay with you, this 3rd party appears out of
  9. Would be nice to have the arcadius building or something used as a hub, and everyone / every group of people interested in creating a company can rent office space in there and roleplay there. Different companies on different floors, with ample opportunity for those who want to go down this road.
  10. Yet, 99% uses it as a hail-marry despite evidence or in most cases being caught red handed. Aka, not what it's meant for. Aka Abused. If people within judiciary identify it as one of the main contributors to the problems...
  11. An issue I have with the admin team is that sometimes I've got admin A telling me something is fine, and admin B telling me something is not fine, and whoever told you different is wrong. Still a great bunch of people, and when you get helped, they do put in their A-game, but besides the above, I'd have instances where we need an admin with a level of urgency (Think search warrants, house breaches, etc..) and had to sit around for a pro-longued period of time. People are sometimes tied to a warrant for hours because of a chronic lack of admins, further reinforced whenever I do have the me
  12. You just proved my point for me. You don't need a no-contest charge to "Perhaps get yourself out of prison". That's what not guilty is for. You either plead guilty, or you don't. Offering an obscure middle-way that in the words of judiciary themselves gets abused way to often is literally the definition of handicapping yourself. The idea is to streamline and make the courts more efficient.
  13. As a cop rp'er. There are a few things that I'd like to bring up. 1) I've tried multiple times for a periodic review on issues that the department faces on the street, crime related. And each time I've been met with a hopefull response but ultimately that's where it always ends. Traffic related, alot of people have complained about abhorrent driving behavior by people, something that others and myself try to tackle Icly by being extra vigilant for people driving like maniacs, but the penal code set up is lacking in terms of recidisvism and doesn't grant alot of freedom to exercise of
  14. Then the community gets upset and we get called robocops. Not joking. Someone from staff verify if the lights are actually synced or not? Cause I'm hearing conflicting stories.
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