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  1. 1) PD cannot force CK someone, more often than not. There is an admin speccing the entire scenario, and if they see 5-10 cops aiming guns at one dude. And that dude then pulls out a gun, then yes. They'll get CK'd by the admin. Alternatively, PD can ask for the person to be CK'd if they post proof the abovementioned scenario happened. 2) Because police aren't meant to run away from danger in the first place. It's literally what you sign up for. That being said, plenty of pursuits get terminated if it's not worth it. Plenty of variables comes into play which I won't elaborate on or I'd be here all day. But know stuff gets terminated. Usually once identification has been confirmed, easier and safer to terminate & cut warrants and let the warrant teams find em a few days down the line. 3) As someone mentioned before. I've actually seen alot of cops CK in all sorts of situations. S.W.A.T in particular has had noticeable moments where they had CK's during particularly violent raids or confrontations. Trust me when I say nobody is immune to CK's. Not you, not PD, not SD, nobody. Hope that helped.
  2. Yes to both. The mall, whilst nice in concept and original in idea didn't really add much value. The housing projects would actually contribute
  3. Name : European Association for Cancer Research Description of the charity's activities : The EACR is a professional membership association and global community for those working and studying in cancer research, with more than 10,000 members worldwide. Our mission is “The advancement of cancer research for the public benefit: from basic research to prevention, treatment and care.” Why should we choose this charity? Had a lot of friends succumb to cancer in my life. Major breakthroughs have been made in recent years, and I firmly believe funding the science that goes into researching and understanding this disease and it's ability to lead to more efficient / effective treatment. Charity website : https://www.eacr.org/ Charity contact email : [email protected] (EACR Communications and Marketing Manager) Remember that the charity must be based in European Union or have a subsidiary registered in it.
  4. Don't know what faction that is, I'd gladly know. Cause mad respect to them.
  5. Yes, park rangers are necessary in my eyes. BUT.. In all honesty, they came about rather abruptly, might just be me as "Lowly player" but I digress. Park rangers should definitely be a thing, but in my eyes not have an entire faction dedicated to do just that. Make them a subsidiary of some kind to the sheriffs office. Park rangers recently went from 100 plus employees to down about 60-ish. Personally? I'd love to see them as part of a greater organization, in my eyes they'd be a perfect sub-division of wat could be State patrol / State Police.
  6. It was previously removed due to the fact the tree's clipped into the interiors of houses. Causing the unintended side-effect of turning into a rather nice looking fallout-esque vibe. Fact checking before preaching wouldn't go amiss. 🙂 If you want to continue this enjoyable back & forth, reach out privately, as I'd prefer to keep things on-topic. Danke schön
  7. We've concluded nothing, only you did. Works just fine for me. Works just fine for everyone else I hang with. :shrug: just like the first time around. Infact, this is the first time it's actually being tested during peak times, so how you already concluded it was "Awful" when it was only active for a few hours at most the last time around, is beyond me. I'm positive the problems lay with the user, and not the map mod. I'm running a GTX 1070 and have 60-70-90 FPS everywhere I go.
  8. No issues to report whatsoever. Drove around the map, never go below 60 FPS, stable at 60-70. I used to use NVE, untill I came to the realization that IT was causing majority of the issues. Stop using NVE. Plenty of people the past 7 pages telling you it's not optimized for Rage, which is finnicky as it is.
  9. Oh you usually don't. But when you deal with 5-10 tony Soprano's each day, for several days a week. it wears people down. Considerably.
  10. Can't do anything or you'll be labeled as a P2W Robocop on an OOC level. There are people that go "Why aren't the police more present, and why don't they do this, or this, or that" And those same people go "Why is the police responding with 10 cars to this, why are they so agressive, Superiority complex much, Your life is pathetic." When you're in an environment where it's "Damned if you do, Damned if you don't," There's not alot you can do. DasFroggy explained it perfectly a few posts up.
  11. End of an era. Had it's ups and it's downs, but helped me through some tough times.
  12. I have to give props, it's a really nice addition. Alot more lush, you get a definite "Californian vibe". Mirror park looks amazing. Went all around the map, no FPS drops at all. Smooth as silk. I wasn't expecting that, was sure there'd be calamity, but no. 2 thumbs up.
  13. Special attention will need to be made to people who, as others already mentioned. Don't want to RP the consequences to their actions, and choose to get PK'd by police or namechange to avoid going to prison/jail.
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