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  1. Banned For Smoking Coke Boyz in my lungs. #OSGM
  2. Maurice Bishop a troubled teenage child comes from living with his grandparents due to losing his parents in a car accident Maurice attends Davis High school on regular basis but can't find himself nowhere else but the dean's office. He's always getting into fights with rivals of other neighborhoods or parts of Davis he finds himself getting deeper and deeper into the streets as he makes friends in his grandmother's neighborhood. You could say Maurice is a bit of a "Send off" as he tries to blend in with his community but is quick for action packed events that he could care less behind t
  3. Meet Princess Makayla Price comes from a rundown home on the Southside of Los Santos She grew up with her elder brother who is in and out of Prision along with her Drug dealing Father and Stepmother Makayla doesn't really hear too much about her birth mother but rumors spreads around she was killed on a attempted murder targeted for her father Makayla is in and out of LJDC due to her actions she'd been immune to in the "Hood" you can say she struggles in school so rarely goes she'd got into the street lifestyle with her childhood friend's JaVanis Summers and Rodrick Love also other k
  4. tf going on ya'll supposed to keep from being bored with life after getting home from work I wait on these great roleplayers.
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