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Everything posted by Kyleb

  1. Looks good! I'm really hyped for it. Also pool script :3
  2. Are you sure it completely vanishes from your desktop? Or does it just close randomly? Make sure all of these are check marked.
  3. I think the city RP on here is very underrated. I see @Planters80mm doing all kinds of stuff from mowing lawns, to changing bulbs, to fixing potholes.
  4. It's also a game dude. I think of it more as an MMO economy then trying to senselessly compare it to real life.
  5. I agree the current drug system is definitely over saturated, however drugs bring a /lot/ of rp to the server. Just because some new player gave you one bad experience doesn't mean that the whole illegal side of the server is like that.
  6. Title says all, buying a house in El Burro.
  7. People on this server want to RP 6'4 and muscular but never bother RPing exercising or getting them gains smh
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