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  1. Drugs are still over saturated and some are completely useless now. Playerbase is big, and only rising. Lots of new scripts and additions to the server. Seems to be doing better in a lot of aspects, but of course there are still cons.
  2. Name: George Licavoli Game Information: Cowboys v. Eagles Team: Cowboys Bet Amount: $10,000 Routing Number: 0100 0457 6
  3. Please send all your details to me via email.
  4. Asking 150k. (( PINFO ))
  5. "I don't care who the IRS sends, I'm not paying taxes."
  6. Literally this. Hispanics I understand, but there's a lot of people who RP being straight from Britain/Australia/Serbia/Any other country.
  7. NG-RP, then I played on RCRP forever and occasionally on LSRP.
  8. I'd love to see people actually RP medical conditions, not just the typical gunshot wounds. OD's and entrapment's would be cool as heck too.
  9. I feel like it would for sure effect RP quality. It'd turn it into more of an RPG server than a heavy RP server. For little stuff like sitting down, I don't think it's entirely necessary, but everything else? It's important to RP in detail.
  10. It was really rushed.
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