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  1. I feel like it would for sure effect RP quality. It'd turn it into more of an RPG server than a heavy RP server. For little stuff like sitting down, I don't think it's entirely necessary, but everything else? It's important to RP in detail.
  2. It was really rushed.
  3. Is there a Discord or company for it?
  4. Kyleb

    Game Stutter

    https://blog.emsisoft.com/en/28620/antimalware-service-executable/ Followed that guide but I only check marked the option to only scan when the PC is idle. That way it only does it when I'm not on.
  5. Most the of time people want to join and RP a bloodthirsty criminal. I recommend when joining, just roleplay being a normal guy for a bit until you get the feel for everything. If a faction peeks your interest? Start looking up roleplay guides. I've been roleplaying for eight years and there's still a lot of times where I look a guides for certain things. Roleplay is so vast because it's essentially endless, you can imagine yourself as anybody you want as long as you keep it realistic.
  6. Kyleb

    Game Stutter

    I've had this issue too. I suspect it had something to do with background applications absorbing a lot of CPU usage. Windows maleware detector would destroy take up a lot of CPU usage, so I had to toggle. Haven't had any issues since.
  7. Sure, drop your info.
  8. Enjoying the game so far. Sadly though, I think the hype will die down and eventually lead to the death of the game itself...
  9. Kyleb

    RageMP error

    As silly as this sounds, I'm not able to start RAGEMP when I have the razer apps open on my desktop or even running in the background. Try closing those. Also, try opening the file location and running Updater.exe as an admin.
  10. I honestly think the youngest age for RP should be 16. I do think you should be able to RP younger if you want, but only with admin permission.
  11. Absolutely love LCN RP. Never really done gang RP, just isn't really my thing. Mob feels like actually got to strategize and fear going to jail vs gang rp it doesnt really matter.
  12. I don't think it'll be a big deal in a few weeks. Just don't fish in obvious places.
  13. @honey. Great admin. Respectful and is always quick to accept reports/requests.
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