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  1. Installed an SSD and downloaded GTA V on it and I can confirm that I haven't had any heavy stuttering issues since. I believe my hard drive is dying (it's 6 years old) and that could've had an heavy impact on it.
  2. I always played SAMP growing up and I heard that everyone was moving onto GTA V RP. I created my GTA World account back in like 2017(?) when the server was just getting it together, but I never thought GTA V RP would take off. Now honestly I think it's far superior to SAMP, and I don't expect it to go anywhere. 🙂
  3. I'm having this same issues. I keep getting told it's my hard drive and I need to switch to a solid state, so I went ahead and ordered one. If it fixes it I'll update you.
  4. This is how a rural faction should be done! Looks good.
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