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  1. Nobody dares escalating anything with my italian/eastern european/whatever mobster character. They all know I've got them OOC connects and we have the best shooters on the server. 🤡
  2. There is a HUGE... HUGE difference between people portraying a transgender woman. And people living out their FUTA femdom 10/10 trans characters fantasy. Just go on quickdate, put the gender on transgender and read some of these profiles. You'll see things ranging from "I'm a nine inch queen" to "I'm bigger than your boyfriend, DM me". You can't exactly make an RPQM report based upon a social media profile alone. Unfortunately, 90percent of the trans characters are exactly this. Thus, it is definitely more of an OOC problem rather than an IC one.
  3. Double edged sword, I would like more CK's so people roleplay fear properly. At the same time there has been a precedent set where I've seen people get away with CKing characters over extremely poor reasons. Take the Jack Templar CK as an example - https://forum.gta.world/en/topic/69943-character-kill-appeal-jack-templar/?do=findComment&comment=748130 (And there are more like this) A CK like this is absolutely horrible because this has opened up a can of worms you didn't want to open. There are a lot of toxic people on this community, proven by the amounts of times that people got banned for p2w attitudes. Having whole senate like groups on discord which they used for OOC dealings, OOC information gathering and exchanging. Basically, some people will do anything they can do gain an advantage. With the CK appeal I just linked and the way it was resolved you showed people a strategy they could use to get rid of anyone they wanted. These same people that went as far to play chess OOCly can now talk among each other OOCly to plan CKing someone rather easily, just start spreading lies, false rumors around for a long amount of time. Even if the lies or rumors are not true, you can set a character up really badly this way through OOC planning and communication and there is absolutely zero way to prove it because if all discussed properly, they'll have the proper screenshots ready to show all their "paranoid" roleplay development in which are just as much planned and set-up as most screenshots you see in faction threads. It's not that hard to fake shit and create a narrative around a character to justify killing them. If people have bad intentions they will coordinate with each other like this just to fuck with someone. I don't think anyone should EVER be CKed over rumors, lies, etc. That should all be a PK to avoid abuse. CK's should only be issued if the character OOCly deserved it too, not if the kill was only justified on the perpetrators end. It has to be justified on the victim too, they have to actively have gotten themselves in that bad situation with no way to resolve it and showing bad intentions themselves or just terrible roleplay in general. If you're forced into CKing when its not your fault at all you're just going to discourage people to make sheep characters, and we'll only have wolves left which'll in turn make the server even more like a makeshift gangwars TDM with a bit of chit-chat and cute purple action text.
  4. This is always amusing to me, because as far as I know? Feeling the urge to pretend to be a child on a video game is DEFINITELY more of a second life creep thing. Oh the irony.
  5. The tipping point has been reached a while ago, it's just a matter of time before civilians become an extremely rare sight.
  6. Have you tried going into singleplayer, changing your graphical specifications way down and changing the screentype to windowed? I've heard about this working in some cases.
  7. Shouldn't be rewarded for good RP, good RP should be the norm. As soon as you feel the need to reward people for doing good RP and consider that "unique" you know things are not going the right direction. Good RP shouldn't be rewarded because its how it should be from the start. Effort should be rewarded, they're not the same thing in most cases.
  8. @shaobadman Try using /decals off to make the bag disappear, it should be considered a decal. If that works, open up the clothing shop menu and just purchase your outfit again while the bag doesn't show.
  9. Go to a clothing shop, take the bag off, purchase the current outfit you have (Without the bag visible) and it should be gone. Edit: Gotta do this with every single outfit that has the bag.
  10. If (M) character should be put behind an application wall, the same should count for lesbian characters. (M) Characters are abused for half-assed self insert fantasy criminal serial killer purposes. And lesbian characters are used for half-assed, poor roleplay self insert fetish ERP purposes. At the end of the day, these are both extremes on the legal and illegal spectrum and both impact the server in terrible ways. The server would be 10000x better off if neither of these concept were as popular as they are now.
  11. Every Halloween we should roleplay a zombie outbreak for 24hours with a script that allows zombies to punch a person to infect them. Everyone will forget about this event after the 24hours are up and we'll resume normal operations as if nothing happened.
  12. At this point, I would even go as far to say that you're straight up powergaming if your character is not hard as fuck. Have you been in the city? The amount of cops that die on the daily, the amount of shoot outs and violent crime alone would scare any sane person off. And what you're left with are hard ass people who have seen it all and can defend themselves when it comes to it. This is the environment we've all shaped for ourselves, deal with it by making a character that is EVEN harder than the one you encountered. That seems to be the go-to plan for most people anyway. Or be prepared to roleplay exclusively indoors with a specific set of people that you likely already know OOCly.
  13. People in the community posting on threads like this often sound like they're a politician, running some kind of campaign. I see it here too, whole speeches and spouting the usual just to get a little bit of recognition "At least he says it how it is!" 😴. And then you've got people on forum reports who reply as if they're some kind of lawyer or something.
  14. I'm a smoking hot female security guard, interior designer, photo model, graphic designer and social media influencer. My vehicle often matches the color of my cute hair. I was hurt by a man before, so now I don't trust them and I magically changed sexuality and only date women. I've been stuck portraying a virtual gangbanger for so long, I started talking the same way out of the game. Despite the fact I don't even reside in America.
  15. Grass needs to be touched.
  16. I've got this same issue, what works for me is literally just trying over and over again. Ending the process and booting it back up, takes between four to sometimes even ten tries before it actually launches.
  17. I don't want to be that guy, but first of all... This poll is super biased, it has no option to keep things the way they are. Only an option that benefits your narrative. Secondly, if you as an OOC player who plays a virtual game knows of the blindspots and all the risky areas where robberies could occur? Then your bad ass security character should DEFINITELY know about this. The fact they don't do anything about it tells me a lot about the people roleplaying in this area, not trying to be a dick? But this doesn't benefit anyone, it's just straight up bait.
  18. Any lesbian RP, the jig is up people. We all know you only RP lesbian because you're straight IRL and you don't want to RP being someone's boyfriend and you crave that sweet relationship dynamic with people because you don't get it in real life. It's straight up self-insertion in female form.
  19. I like how we're still pretending this robbery issue isn't a firearm issue, make it against the rules to rob firearms and we would see a significant decrease in robberies and an increase in quality. The bad robberies are 9/10 times aimed toward farming PF weapons, take that out of the equation and we don't need a wall of text, or a whole map to determine where people can get mugged. This is, and will always be a firearm treasure hunt, we wouldn't need ANY of these rules if we just made it against the rules to steal someone's firearm. (And of course, not allowing the civilian to use said firearm in the particular robbery scenario to even the playing field)
  20. Its only okay if the chick operating the vehicle has dyed their hair the same color as their vehicle. Or else it is unacceptable. In all seriousness, I'm not too bothered by these players and I let them do as they please. Do I judge them? Hell yeah, I will most likely not take anyone serious who drives vehicles like that, even if someone has "proper development" for it. The fact they choose to roleplay a character that is this stereotypical just makes me feel like the roleplay experience they could possibly provide me with will be as original as the concept they portray.
  21. I can still hear those parrots man... I can still hear them, I hear them everywhere!
  22. Did you serve under Richard Vane, the legendary parrot master?
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