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  1. Username: startswithf Comment: My bum? It's a dumptruck. I think I found my new bumper sticker lol!
  2. tried to get involved with a roleplaying community but it just closed. Hmu if you know of any fun servers. doesn't have to be RP
  3. the multiplayer beta was released yesterday!
  4. the ED bot....... i cant.......
  5. you have a really good eye for designing!
  6. these are really cool. i love all the little details you add. makes the houses/apts look actually lived-in.
  7. i havent been arrested on any characters yet and tbh im still pretty new to gtaw but im just wondering: what is the prison experience like for female characters? are they housed with male inmates or are they separated? how does it work?
  8. pretty crazy to see how much pz has blown up since i posted this. glad to see so many new players :- )
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