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    Offering buyout too.
  2. Are you gonna employ people to RP customer service agents who really don't wanna speak with you and ask you "have you tried turning it on and off?" 6 times in a row?
  3. As a local in the area, who lives literally right next door to it, I would also be willing to pay you the buyout as needed and continue as-is.
  4. Changing my bid to the buyout then. ((When it's edited))
  5. Name: (Optional) Offer: Starting then
  6. So you would rather see Firstname Lastname (M) doing a stint for second degree murder for the third time at age 16?
  7. Speaking as someone who's part of the court system, it's plain and simple. While I'm all for juvenile justice, it only needs people being ready for it. You can't make it a thing widely available for everyone to enjoy, if the majority of them is going to absolutely abuse it. One minute, they go blockwipe with an AK and act like they're the hardest of the hardest, but once they're in cuffs, they complain on /b, asking why police would do these things to a kid or just go with the bog standard "/me is 14", to try and invoke sympathy. A juvenile justice system can very easily be implemented, but only under the condition that those (M) bangers are forced to RP aging up if they get sentenced for committing serious felonies such as armed robbery etc. But we all know that's wishful thinking, so anyone claiming to be the opposite of what I mentioned above is going to be stuck with this simple resolution to the issue.
  8. If I get a guarantee that I'm not wasting my time and someone's actually going to give us a statement, I will.
  9. I highly doubt that anyone expected you to be answering specific concerns regarding illegal factions. But people still appreciate that you're trying your best to touch base with all the other concerns and that goes a long way. But I can gladly summarize everything that was being said in these 20 pages, if an IFM or even management representative decides to offer us some transparency and take a stance.
  10. No offense to you in any way, Wuhtah. I respect that you're taking your time to respond to us. But this shit is just laughable. How come you're the only staff member apart from the few posts Exodus made that's responding to any of this? If IFM is aware of everything being posted here, how about they take a stance on what's being said? I wanted to just be a silent observer and watch this topic without commenting, but holy fuck this is pathetic.
  11. How would that even hold any weight if some fruitcake got offended on behalf of IFM? This is getting worse than the cancel culture on Twitter. If IFM apparently had no issue with it, and they were the ones being "bashed", why was it hidden?
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