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  1. 10 minutes ago, Towbie said:

    Are you using the RAGE version of NVE? You get it with the package if you're a patreon.

    He wants NVR, not NVE. 


    I think the Rockstar Games Launcher doesn't let you mod your game though. That may be the issue. From what I know GTA 5 can be modded on steam and epic games.

  2. Date of incident: 17/MAR/2020

    Rules broken: Common Courtesy - quitting to avoid RP

    Your ingame name: Arthur Barrera

    Names of witnesses: Teresa Valdez

    Explanation of the incident: A 911 call came in about a person attempting to steal a vehicle, I happened to be there and I saw a woman yelling at the vehicle that is taking off, therefore I initiated a pursuit. In the end he disembarked and it turned into a foot pursuit, we ended up catching him and I got him in cuffs then he disconnected.

    Evidence: https://i.imgur.com/dKv41u3.png

  3. Problem number 1 - I never used your name, I don't know why you are bringing up metagame. Never confirmed it was you, I wanted to pull over the truck and make sure that Rick Wyse is not operating the vehicle. Trucks with such colour are rare. I can even say I saw your identification plate, it's completely up to me. Never had the chance.


    Problem number 2 - What's this report got to do with detaining? I don't get it. 


    Problem number 3 - Why am I the one who has to PM you? What if I didn't check if you are back? You would have never contacted me. Why would you assume I avoided the situation without agreeing? I simply went to the forums to report you.


    Problem number 4 - You started explaining to me that you can't see anything because the truck is big, that you're tired of gang bangers on cops, but I'm certain it was just 2-3 /b's because I simply never bothered to respond back.


    I don't really have anything else to say, it's pointless. I'm leaving it up to the admin.

    edit: You can even see in the video I don't see your name at first, but the unique colour of the truck gave it away and I decided to investigate. Never used any OOC information IC, I could've gotten you for parking illegally too. Plenty of reasons if the situation continued.

  4. Okay, I don't know why you think I dislike you OOC, you're completely wrong. And it's not metagame as my character even went to the front to check if it was Rick, and yes, he recognised Rick very easily because one does not simply forget being threatened he's going to have a traffic court case. Arthur checked the MDC the day before and the vehicle is not a company one because it's registered to you. Also, this report is an OOC one, isn't it? Why do I need a video of you driving, that's an IC issue? If needed, I can even extend the video, but absolutely nothing is gonna change, the truck is still spawned there so I dunno. By the way, I thought you simply rage quit. Yesterday you were making excuses and talking in /b when you should've taken everything IC. http://prntscr.com/rcqbbg

  5. Date of incident: 06/MAR/2020

    Rules broken: Common Courtesy

    Your ingame name: Arthur Barrera

    Names of witnesses (if applicable): N/A

    Explanation of the incident (250 word limit): Yesterday (05/MAR/2020) I pulled over Rick Wyse for failing to yield in his green MTL Pounder. It was his 4th offence and I ended up suspending his license. All was roleplayed correctly. The following day, I find him stopped with the MTL Pounder in front of the Hawick Ammunitions store, most likely doing runs as he is the one who owns the vehicle. I decide to turn on my lights and sirens. He didn't say anything, he entered the truck, did /vp and shortly afterwards disconnected.

    Evidence: https://streamable.com/qchek


    edit: he connected a few mins later, never contacted me even though he exactly knows what my intentions were. https://imgur.com/a/e672Nhr

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