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  1. I’m glad for the conversation but this thread is for collecting ideas for people who wish to do something new and unique. Please contribute by adding ideas, showing how it can be done, and providing useful insight about how people can keep even simpler ideas alive for longer than a few months. We already have countless businesses in super niche areas (which is nice) but we need to see how little social interaction can happen there. This is not a problem. Why this topic exists is to find and share ideas about businesses that can be social hubs at the same time. People go to casinos because they will be able to gamble and because they know they will meet a lot of people. People go to clubs because they know they will be around a lot of people and they can socialize with their friends while also not being bored because the music will be different almost every time. Having super niche businesses are nice and people who find joy in running them should continue without doubt. But these places will never act like social hubs for people. The goal here is to find more ideas that can bloom into being social hubs and hopefully by providing more roleplaying opportunities for the workers than a bartending job. This discussion is not a "this or that" question, super niche businesses simply server different (but also needed) purposes. And seemingly people don't have a problem doing them. On the other hand, when it comes to businesses that can also be a place for socialization we are sitting on a handful of ideas for years. We can talk about elitist roleplaying and being extremely realistic all the time but behind the computer, there will be someone who wants to enjoy their time playing. I believe it is long overdue to find ideas that can attract not just a small group of people but also interesting enough to keep the roleplaying there not just in-character interesting.
  2. Sustainable: Any idea that has the potential to stay around for longer than a year because the roleplaying opportunities it provides are not limited to a single set of actions. As a bad example, a manga store will probably not stay around for years because the roleplaying opportunities are super limited. A person can go in, eye around, get a few items and probably forget the place for months. As a good example, a manga franchise, that opens the manga store a few times a week but also organizes monthly/biweekly weeb festivals where they try to entertain the people interested in that niche by creating different themes each time and providing a unique experience every time can be something that stays around for a while. This idea has a lot more space to expand and renew and with dedicated people it can stay interesting. Obviously, these are just random examples to show what I mean by sustainable. An idea (in our case a single manga store) will probably not stay around for too long because simply the idea will become boring after two visits. On the other hand, something that can renew each month, something that can bring in new ideas, new sets of action is something that at least has to potential to stay exciting. A real-life example I personally witnessed a while ago: a hookah bar. The bar opens up, everybody visited a few times and then slowly died out because it couldn’t offer more than the same ten /me every time. This is not sustainable, doesn’t matter how good the base idea is. It will become boring on both sides after a few times. I will write my own ideas in a few days to show some examples.
  3. I spent some time recently reading through Coburn’s topic about underrepresented legal jobs on the server. Came across many really nice ideas but didn’t really feel we have a place where these ideas can be collected for people who has the time and energy to make and upkeep new businesses. Another issue we face all the time is not being able to make businesses that are engaging for a bigger audience even though I read many really nice ideas that could bloom into popular and enjoyable things on the server. Some of us have the time and energy and some of us have ten times as many great ideas as others. Let's connect these people. This topic serves one purpose: collect and share business ideas that can be executed by anyone on the server who feels like breaking the Clubs & Cafés & Casinos triangle. There are a few things I wish to happen in this thread, please keep the following in mind. The ideas should be well-developed and not just spit in ideas. The ideas should focus on businesses that can be executed with the currently available scripts and opportunities. The ideas should not focus on super niche businesses unless they can be sustainable. Even though these are super nice and I personally love them, usually they don’t engage too many people and therefore they don’t create a sustainable space for people to socialize. I would like to provide a template that can be used but is not necessary. Either way, please make sure your idea contains the required information so when someone wants to pick up your idea they will have an easier job and fewer things to research. Please keep this thread helpful and don’t be each other's gatekeepers. Template (optional): THE BASICS Business pitch: (describe your idea in one sentence, treat it as an elevator pitch) Human requirement: (how many people are required to operate the business and what their roles are) Financial requirement: (approximately how much money it requires to start this idea and how it breaks down to expenses) Moodboard: (provide pictures, videos, real-life websites, locations about the execution of this business idea in real life - how it looks like, how people are dressed, etc.) Legality: (legal / illegal) IN-DETAIL Write about your idea in detail. Make sure to answer the following questions when writing about your idea. How do you imagine this business attracting many people sustainably and how can it create social interaction between characters? How will it generate enough income to make it at least break even? How can this idea create roleplaying opportunities? What situations can be played through it? How does the idea stays interesting even if someone plays with you every week? What roles need to be filled and what in-character knowledge does the roles require? Where can people learn about this topic before they start roleplaying? Best sources for further research? Thank you for posting ideas and especially for trying them out in-game. Good luck!
  4. Just because you roleplay a black character it doesn't mean you also have speech impairment automatically and you have to speak like a no-brainer.
  5. If you are removed from your house due to inactivity you should get the price of the house back automatically. The current system creates more frustration and doesn't really provide a welcoming environment for returning players.
  6. - PD shouldn't be allowed to use voice channels during pursuits unless we allow the use of VOIP metagaming for the other half too. In our modern world there is a million ways how criminals could talk to each other in real time during a pursuit. - Not roleplaying important real-life events (covid, wars, etc.) cause more harm than good because it takes away the opportunity from people to express their feelings. - The jailtime people receive for crimes is way too low, not even in the right ballpark. - The mapping team doesn't get enough love and recognition. - There should be an option to buy dogs/cats for a fixed price instead of a monthly fee.
  7. Username: greatamerica666 Comment: Thank God! Hopefully a more productive person will take his place.
  8. I like the idea, would love to see this.
  9. Username: LiaF Comment: You are right Freddy, thanks for speaking up!
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