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  1. People have raised fair a point that there is nothing explicitly mentioned OOC about it being life without parole, and with the amount of lifer characters, it'd be unreasonable to expect them all to be possibility w/o parole. Although, with that said, the entire point of a jail character slot is for it to be a dedicated jail character. You should not create or transfer a character to the slot if *you do not plan to dedicate that character to jail*. Without that stipulation it'd basically just be another free character slot just you start in jail (unless you have a char transferred to the slot).
  2. Great idea and much better than the current system My biggest worry is we create NCCF standalone (OP covers the opposite of this and its solid imo), and we end up with a custody structuring that is exactly like it has been just filled with slightly more people, and there's no internal faction option to do other things of interest to them. LS ran into that exact issue but the root problem wasn't as pervasive so there was still relatively decent chunks of people involved at various points. If implemented *singularly*, there should be steps that're extremely stressed in that context to avoid cranking the custody side of the scene back to step 1 entirely, and that itself from negatively impacting the inmate side of the scene.
  3. Have you checked your internet at the time this has happened? I've noticed I only get this issue when my internet is on the worse end and it takes "too long" for the game to open (not sure the exact amount of time). Realized none of the other fixes worked because it doesn't actually touch on the cause.
  4. We actually have these "divisions", but, as you point out, they focus on specific things. Good to factor that into thought. The people who "purely wish to handle calls" do exactly that already, and is part of the reason why you don't see entire factions responding to your 911.
  5. Username: BehindTheGreenDoor Comment: I hope you realize they call themselves gorillas and apes, and they refer to the area they live in as "Jungles". So, take what you will from it. Refering to yourself as a gorilla living in a jungle, is more racialized than someone using the term zookeeper to refer to a bunch of unruly people, regardless of race, in an area where its own inhabitants call themselves animal names and refer that they live in a jungle.
  6. Midwest

    Armenian Power

    balkan, eastern european? wrong neighborhood homeboy, ap rep the caucasus. this factions just built different
  7. Username: GreenLine Comment: Why are you mall cop clowns using Green Lives Matter? You're not COs, you're not on the green line.
  8. IFM are the only ones that should have a roster of anyone involved, anything further just promotes accidental MG (or purposeful). There's literally no reason OOC for any faction to have a full OOC roster of people they're in conflict with. This is a good example of something that we shouldn't know because it *will* promote accidental MG. This makes even less sense when its branching towards associated groups who are purposely pulled in and the relationship held in some form of secrecy IC.
  9. Rethinking the marijuana veto would be a good start on the drug problem that would provide more to the server than not doing it. Well put responses all together though.
  10. You missed the point entirely, we're on the same page. I brought them up as recent points of reference for the people who'd said it *didn't happen at all* in real life, which is incorrect.
  11. Basically this. I'm not arguing for or against either side, just dumb seeing people here like "oh my god no cops dont get shot at traffic stops". In the end, both sides are correct, the root of the issue here is how realistic people want to rp which is going to variate on everyones opinion Less realism = more shootings (unrealistic amount of shootings are fine of course, but by god the cops respond with an extra car cuz 20 other cops got killed today than the rest of the country in an entire year then its a bad and unrealistic. odds for me not for the) The issue with lots of these posts, is they get filled with people who complain about it, but you can easily browse through their posts and see they are an exact mirror example of the reason why responses happen the way they do IG, and it becomes pretty evident the largest influencing factor behind them projecting their opinion is them just not wanting to face consequences for their actions
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