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  1. Rethinking the marijuana veto would be a good start on the drug problem that would provide more to the server than not doing it. Well put responses all together though.
  2. You missed the point entirely, we're on the same page. I brought them up as recent points of reference for the people who'd said it *didn't happen at all* in real life, which is incorrect.
  3. Basically this. I'm not arguing for or against either side, just dumb seeing people here like "oh my god no cops dont get shot at traffic stops". In the end, both sides are correct, the root of the issue here is how realistic people want to rp which is going to variate on everyones opinion Less realism = more shootings (unrealistic amount of shootings are fine of course, but by god the cops respond with an extra car cuz 20 other cops got killed today than the rest of the country in an entire year then its a bad and unrealistic. odds for me not for the) The issue with lots of these posts, is they get filled with people who complain about it, but you can easily browse through their posts and see they are an exact mirror example of the reason why responses happen the way they do IG, and it becomes pretty evident the largest influencing factor behind them projecting their opinion is them just not wanting to face consequences for their actions
  4. We should understand words before we use them Anecdotal "(of an account) not necessarily true or reliable, because based on personal accounts rather than facts or research." Those are two accounts which are objectively true, and come from a myriad of sources with varying rates of "reliability" depending on your opinion. It's also not based on personal accounts, and is actually rooted in facts and research. How many happen total vs how many result in a shootout has NO STANDING ON THE FACT IT HAPPENS. It is already objectively factual that it happens, regardless of the *rate of instance*, which is entirely separate from the *existence* of the action. FBI — Officers Feloniously Killed - this just includes those deceased
  5. shootouts happen at vehicular stops quite a lot. There was a recorded example in early september last month in Brevard County from their Sheriffs Office. There's also Darian Jarrott, who was killed after being ordered to pull over what turned out to be a narcotics trafficker being followed by HSI (without being told this was the case), and was ambushed & killed by the guy he stopped.
  6. I hear Thomas Sharp wants an ice machine and an ice machine
  7. A great Family it is known
  8. that character looking legit as fuck tho
  9. I think you should focus your time on the thing that actually meets the criteria for a plethora of crimes across multiple continents and has a real impact on the victims of the exploitative experiences, rather than personal opinion based (not yours but theoretical viewers) and political issues. Anyways I'm out have a good one.
  10. They're going to see footage of a simulated environment, same as the other situations. You see though, one of these is also a crime, another isn't. We not talkin politics here brother
  11. Are you a martian terrorist? Me? I am from Akalzio 9, though I work for the solar system government. I'm pretty sure the mental impact from simulated sexual activities would be much higher than basically being dmed which happens all the time, and gun violence happens all the time among HS aged people on the server, why is this not an issue?
  12. I'm sorry are you insinuating that visual representation and simulation of sexually explicit content with a child is not exploitation, nor would have negative effects on the child? That is pretty suspicious
  13. this is very low on the list of possible problems that need to be tackled all together. Also, Rockstar wouldn't C&D over school shooter rp, I mean, GTA RP in itself is literally a hotbed for child exploitation yet no ones gotten C&D'd over platforms supporting its conduct.
  14. Username:BehindTheTanAndGreenDoor Comment: Some changes can be implemented at the Bureau level but aren't in regards to a focus on prevention and disruption rather than purely investigations and enforcement. Legalization of drugs, even weed, does not cut cash flow, it allows pre-established (criminal) entities to already have a foothold and begin to exploit a legal business to support their criminal enterprise.
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