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  1. oss ft osj kings
  2. I want that squid as a tattoo thats sweet
  3. Notes notes and notes, paper or online. This is a bit much in a casual sense for most but at least for me worked extremely well with more 'finer' details or longer term situations.
  4. stop using the word intelligence incorrectly or im coming in game to start bonking fools. nice slicktops
  5. Mix of three things on top of the two you mentioned, the third just being people being lazy. Depends on how serious the specific roleplayer is. In my entire time rping I've only met maybe 5-6 willing to go the length to rp things like being super forgetful of names. Most of the decent rpers won't immediately recognize in most cases but will still grasp onto knowing names more casually and in depth than the average person.
  6. Whoever the dude is spewing their confirmation bias bs, want a dump with more active white supremacist gang members in Cali that's longer than the amount of people that've ever logged into the server? Just like literally any other topic, a majority of those interacting with it are going to be either brand new to the concept, have an absolutely horrible perception of it, not be able to accurately portray the concepts in roleplay, not understand the concepts at all, be a horrible roleplayer in general, so on so forth. Then we get to the core, like with any other type of faction, of players w
  7. Buhanna diynaxh sa cagarx, malxana bexk ia vila. rplnr midwest
  8. OOC and IC means absolutely nothing outside of the community, where it presents a issue.
  9. I did read what you said. I'm talking in general, not just specifically in regards to pedophilia.
  10. I don't think you realize roleplaying sex is still considered sexually explicit material lol
  11. It's not about it being portrayed, it's the fact it's weird and can present a avenue for people to get in big issues. At least in America, it could be fairly argued that it breaks federal law. You cannot create, possess, or distribute any sexually explicit material (simulated is included in the legal definition) relating to minors.
  12. If you're a grown man, roleplaying sexual actions with underaged kids, IC or not, it's pretty fucking weird lol. also for all you defending it in a weird way and making comparisons to real life, if you go to court they aint gonna be like "oh he was playing gta roleplaying, its cool", they're gonna say you were acting out sexual actions with minors lol.
  13. Midwest


    In America, more than likely, your weed is just weed, and if you're getting shady shit it's either oregano or some synthetic shit, so not legit. People do lace marijuana in some places but its not very popular because it absolutely destroys your chances of ever having a legit customer base. Lots of people in states with legal recreational marijuana casually smoke. Getting into cigarettes is a bit different, you can casually smoke but if you do it often (or at all, there's still risk) you're going to end up getting addicted or tripping into a state where you migh
  14. Hope you realize AP is the only organic EUROC group in SoCal that's significant.
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