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  1. Rating (Optional) : ★★★★★ Username : MRondon Comment : Very good! My house doesn't even smell! Recommended!!
  2. Hello! I'm selling my Ubermacht Cypher for personal reasons. -Good condition. -Aftermarket parts installed. -All the available security installed besides the GPS. -Decently customized to make it look sport and luxury. -Personalize plate that matches the style of the vehicle. "2D3M0N1C" - Too Demonic. -All the papers up to date. (Registered and Insured) *attached photos of the vehicle* I'm looking for $180,000.00 or better offer. (Not less than $170,000.00) Interested? Call me or SMS at: 1829 ((Forum PM or Discord Medusa#8008)) ((OOC Stats /vstats))
  3. Are you around the city? If not let me know at what time. ((Server time)) ((Medusa#8008))
  4. Hey. I'm interested in the vehicle. Call me 1829.
  5. Hello! I'm selling my precious SUV to the highest bidder or to anyone that buys it out! It's in mint condition. Never had any major crashes. Only has Custom Wheels. No bodywork done, Market Stock! It has "Aftermarket parts" or so. That's what they told me. Darker windows and Xenon lights for a better view in the night! It has 191.34 miles. Semi-high security and locks. A Tracker and a Smart Key to showoff to your friends by turning the vehicle's engine off from the outside! Registered and Insured for more than 15 days! License plate never flagged. *attached photos of the vehicle* Are you interested? Starting bid: 65,000.00 Buyout price: 90,000.00 If you want to see the vehicle in person, you can CALL or SMS me at: 1829 Email: ([email protected]) ((Forum PM or Discord: Medusa#8008)) ((OOC Vehicle Stats /vstats))
  6. Hey.. I'm interested! Is it possible to see this apartment in person? Any contact info? My number is 1829, if you're available for me to come by and check the place out! Shoot me a text.. or a call.
  7. Hey, I'm interested.. Any way to contact you for a review on the place in person? Here's my number: 1829, if you are available for me to come by and check the place out shot me a text.. or a call!
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