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    Habbo RP

    Co-founded WW2RP and Street Life RP on .co.uk, used to be a decent amount of people roleplaying it back in the old days between 05-08. Got into Hooligan RP with a mate of mine from Strabane area who I met on Habbo.co.uk, then got introduced to SAMP in late 2008 and slowly filtered out of Habbo as I left high school.
  2. hold up why nobody tell me? cunts
  3. Loving the game at the moment. I have played just over 15 hours on the beta and haven't got bored yet. I haven't been this gripped to an MMO since the release of GW2 & before then, the older Runescape. It really gives me the vibes of Runescape, very basic combat, not a massive skill tree and very friendly to new MMO players. Everything in the world can be turned into something that you can craft. I currently don't see any P2W things right now, but again, they won't really add a P2W element in a BETA, but regardless I have having fun. The whole city siege vibe & being able to help sustain a city/town really good feature. Honestly recommend it to anyone thinking about getting it, worth the money. And being able to prone and snipe people with a Musket while laying in long grass during PVP? That was a winner for me. 😆 Your enemy running about trying to find you.
  4. This is pretty sweet. Fair dues on you folks working on this.
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