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  1. Have you tried sending irl feetpics to the reviewer? Worked for me.
  2. At the end of the day, I think we're now best off seeing how these rules work in practice and if it helps enhance things for everyone involved. Honestly as someone working for IMEX, I want to see more actual planned things instead of attacks of opportunity. I want to take part and be the victim of properly planned heists. THAT'S stuff I can develop into my character.
  3. Hey, babe! New faction idea just dropped!
  4. Where isn't "the most crime-ridden areas on the server" when you can't walk through anywhere on the server without a gang of (m) hoodlums looking to 'catch someone lacking'?
  5. Just adding to this thread to say RPing with IMEX has been super fun. It's a great community of people and some of the best civlian RP (with some spicy events once ina while) and fun workplace drama I've ever had. I recommend it to anyone wanting to try something chill and fun without demanding too much. You'll get back what you give in to the company RP-wise.
  6. Yeah I meant civilian RPers. Solely Illegal Rpers absolutely can force you to and it's the frustrating thing when theyre shit. 😛
  7. Honestly exactly this. I love RPing with the folk at IMEX. It's fun, it's personal, the stakes aren't very high and sometimes that's all people want after a hard day at work IRL. Honestly, people need to just let people RP whatever they want. So long as they're not forcing anything on you, no one's forcing you to interact with them, you know?
  8. Its hyperbole to be honest, mate. My point is that I can't ignore cringy illegal rpers when they can force you to interact with them with with negative consequences if you don't.
  9. You know what I do when someone is playing a cringy or weird civilian character? I ignore them. You know what I do when someone is playing a cringy or weird illegal rper? I can't ignore them, they're making me run my pockets for the third time this week in front of Mission Row.
  10. I came back after a year away and honestly I feel standards dropped a shit load. Now days all I do is RP with a small group of people I know and rarely interact outside it because half the time it's uninteresting attempts to mug my character for the millionth time. Sad to see the government, that was just getting started back then, became a toothless pointless thing. Also sad to see admin punishments became so much more lenient. I used to be so happy to see poor portrayal and ooc shittiness be dealt with so firmly. Now its unlimited verbal warnings and absolutely no ooc respect to one another. I feel old.
  11. Drugs shouldn't be an RPG thing. They should be an RP thing. They shouldn't increase health, they should decrease it. Yeah, have visual effects, but I'm going to RP withdrawel as I see fit, not according to a script.
  12. Username: GetEgg'd Comment: LMao at your own conference u got egged. Then you had a go at all the people of Davis for not snitching despite the fact you admitted you couldn't even keep your own cops alive. No one's gonna speak to u while u can't keep people safe. The boy who egged the chief was braver than all the troops.
  13. *Notice of interested added if sale not completed. *
  14. Just wanna say thank you to SD for the press conference today. It was pretty fun to see and the poor egging added to the cake. The way SD is handling stuff in Davis is really radiclizing my character in a way I didn't initially expect.
  15. Honestly this. As someone RPing a trucker, I'd prefer to do this than grind for $$$. It'd incentivize me to not ignore less profitable routes IC b/c I get paid the same anyway.
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