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  1. Congratulations to everyone. Welcome to the team!!
  2. Thank you for everything you did for this community, Sir. It's sad to write this message. Rest in peace Patrick.

  3. @Optimus4646 Please adjust your initial ad. "Fully Tune" should not be used. Please check the advertisement rules.
  4. Locked & Archived. For future reference, please re-read advertisement rules. "Fully Equipped" should not be used. @nossu
  5. @BaileyG my man. Massive props to the rest, welcome new guys.
  6. Props for advertising Sandu Ciorba. Nicolae Guta when?
  7. 185K Phone will be emailed if my bid wins.
  8. Hello, please do not bump your topics after 9 hours, thank you. @Miller
  9. Long live the bureau.
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