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  2. ((Trying to ping the location and texted you but it won't ping over, are you in game))
  3. PROPERTY FOR SALE Weazel Plaza - Floor 14, Room 2 Contact Info: Alan Garrett Phone: 13909482 Email: [email protected] ((Forum PM)) BUYOUT PRICE OF $400,000 STARTING BID OF $345,000 WITH BIDDING INCREMENTS OF $25,000 THE BUILDING ENTRANCE LIVING ROOM KITCHEN / DINING AREA BATHROOM BEDROOM OOC INFORMATION
  4. Speaking from a perspective of a General Manager for Bluewater Logistics.. It's quite hard turning up to our lot and seeing no cars outside, no one trucking despite calling out over the radio asking who is out on the road. Our discord server presence is absolutely top-notch and I cannot fault it as everyone does there part but when it comes to actually coming in game and doing something, you literally can't because there's no routes and even if there are routes, people don't truck anymore because they're so used to seeing a lacklustre menu of no shipments needed. I'm speaking from the perspective of when there's 600 to 700 people online too and not one business is requesting crates despite SEVERAL being open at the time. Or if they are requesting crates, it's requesting an odd number like 13 crates and for someone in a Pounder who buys 20 crates to then drive over and suddenly the business isn't requesting any components any more and your route gets cancelled, you get a bit pissed off with it. The resignation list from the Discord because employees want to go pursue other things and such is monumental because there's nothing keeping them trucking, no contracts, no people to RP with, no money to be made. I think to call trucking dying is incorrect, I think trucking is dead at the moment and most definitely needs reviving. I knew when the update came out it was either make or break because it was more money to be spending for the same amount of profit of $150 at most places. There's only so much RP people can do when the job basically does not exist anymore because there's nothing to do. From a business standpoint we've tried everything from a recruitment drive to offering prizes to top performing employees but how are they meant to perform with no jobs available? It's hard for us to try and create convoys from our company and speaking from a realistic point of view, trucking wouldn't run out of work ever. There's always businesses that need deliveries of something to keep their business going, which brings me to my next point.. Why can't we have AI routes that will be open for big corporations like any factory dotted around the map that needs a certain thing to keep providing something out in the city that we can also deliver once created. Like events that pop up for trucking or just randomly generated jobs where you get sent to a random factory to collect however many crates depending on your vehicle and then taking them to their destination and then another job comes up at a different location or something. We need something consistent that fits within the guidelines that you, the admin team, deem fitting for the server. Truckers need work to do, without it, you're losing a key industry that really does not make sense to lose. This server is intended to be as realistic as possible so make it realistic and give trucking constant work because there's trucks always moving around the world so why's it not the same in LS?
  5. Sending condolences to the family and friends of Patty. RIP.

  6. Would it be possible to wait another 24 hours, I have been browsing a few properties and need to weigh up all my options if possible.
  7. Hi there, I can place a bid of $400,000. Max I can go is $450,000. Let me know if this is viable. Kind Regards, Alan Garrett
  8. This is Alan Garrett. I am willing to place a bid of $400,000 on this property.
  9. Do you not think it would be realistic to have food delivery services? I agree when you say that restaurant's should have the sense to offer this service but they don't whether this be due to laziness or not thinking of the idea. I say Taxi because a lot of Uber Drivers where I live, also deliver food with Uber Eats. I would also like to say that Gruppe 6 only offer security, they're not a food delivery service. As Beholder says below: Maybe if something was just created or something then it could be beneficial. I of course want to generate a simple job for some new players that help them get to know the city and areas but also help get them started financially. I suggested this idea just based off my own personal opinion and whether any other players agreed. I do however, really appreciate your input Triple Seven! 🙂
  10. Short description: I recently created a character and decided to work as a Taxi Driver.. To my surprise I realised that actually it's quite scarce in terms of actual work to do. Most of the people that work as a Taxi Driver sit and wait like vultures to accept a job and not many people actually get Taxis on the server. I think that now with the taxi script, something in the form of like a food request should be made where something pops up where you have to deliver food to a random checkpoint on the map and RP dropping it off, collecting the money and such. It should also be implemented that players can order food to their location and such. I think this would create more work for the Taxi job and not make it feel like a dead end job because barely anyone files for a taxi these days and I always see that's it a rush to accept the job when it turns up. The payment doesn't have to be much because let's say the food company takes a cut and such but it's still generating income to the people in that job. Detailed description: To put it into more detail, I want it to generate more of a feel for the taxi driver job and not make it feel like they do nothing until the server is active and 1 in 500 people use the /taxi command or call a taxi. I'm not saying that it should pay loads but it should help generate a better income for all taxi driver's. I'm sure you guys are aware of how many Uber Eats, Just Eat, Deliveroo, etc drivers there are out there and how popular that business is. Maybe local businesses on the server allow taxi drivers to come in store and collect a certain order and then they deliver to a checkpoint, this also helps generate income for the business, the driver and the industry. It gives the role something more to do and more realism to the role. This city is usually booming and for there to be a job out there that no one uses despite clubs being open and people getting drunk and then not getting a taxi home or something is unusual. Players shouldn't get paid on an hourly basis it should be on a delivery basis. Each delivery of food gives them like $40/$50 each time. These deliveries could be ANYWHERE across LS, Sandy or Paleto. Commands to add: Something along the lines of: "/taxistart food" - Starts the shift as a delivery driver within a Taxi "/acceptorder XXX" - Accepts the most recent order that appeared on their dashboard. This then sets a waypoint to the respective restaurant / deli where the driver arrives and RP's with the restaurant owner / workers. "/pickuporder" - Picks up the food order once it's ready from the restaurant or deli in question. Once this is picked up, it sets a waypoint to the random destination allowing the driver to make their way "/dropoff food" - Drops off the food to the customer once stood at the waypoint which is placed at the doorway. Items to add: N/A There is already food within the game that is served when you go to a player ran restaurant so maybe something is created that dispenses said food. Maybe add like burger meals and such from all the Cluckin Bells and Burgershots across LS. How would your suggestion improve the server? It would generate more work for Taxi Driver's and make them feel as though they have an actual job to do instead of waiting for the rare instance of a player requesting a taxi. Additional information: N/A
  11. I think if there was maybe a script or something created for factory workers where players could become factory workers and they have to load up the crates or something along the lines could be beneficial. The trucker in question would have to RP filling in some forms like arrival times and what cargo they're hauling and other things like that. The factory workers that work in the warehouse of said factory could be driving around on forklifts placing these crates into the Pounders / Bensons whereas the smaller vehicles like the Speedos and Mules are loaded by the driver's themselves but still have to fill in the relevant documentation. I think this would add some more RP to the script and such. Also the fact that for vehicle parts, it's essentially a free-for-all to the boat at the Terminal. Where everyone is waiting and waiting to load the crates onto their vehicles with a few /me's and then they're on their way to the destination. I think it would just create more jobs for players and give it a bit more sense of realism in a sense because the products are being created and being packaged and such and then the truckers can take these products from one destination to another. This is just my personal opinion anyways, I thought I would at least give some input on what I personally think would be a good idea. 🙂
  12. SORRY GUYS! I thought I edited the post to say it has been sold. Can the relevant admin(s) L&A this? Some guy came for a viewing and bought it. Thank you to all that bidded.
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