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  1. I agree, these changes would make the server more vivid and diverse rather than the same stale 'I bought a car now I will drive it forever' ego players have. Cars consume fuel way less and Alcohol has no effect on driving either.
  2. Not really that active I'd say, thus making it pretty useless imo Till now I only saw 1 bus driver while ingame.
  3. Short description: I suggest that in future if can, there could be few bus routes in the city, It would help players get around easier if they are just away from their vehicles or just want to go use the public transport. I also suggest the creation of a bus driver job which would allow players to rent/buy a bus in order to go drive down one of the specific bus routes previously mentioned. Detailed description: Los Santos right now doesn't really have any MRT or anything apart from Taxis and privately owned Ubers. Addition of more public transit options would help people go from one place to another without the need of using their vehicle, It would also create seamless traffic on the roads and would look a bit more realistic in nature, We can't use the trams in RAGE anyway thus Buses and Taxis are our best bets. This is the Transit Map for Los Santos The job would be similar to the trucking one, where one can rent a bus and drive for a state owned company or join a bus union and use theirs by giving them a percentage cut for using the vehicles. Buses will follow certain routes and stop at bus stops for which they will get paid in the end, Bus drivers would also get extra money if passengers (characters) board them for the number of stops they travel. Vehicles which can be used for the Job. Commands to add: Bus driver Job Items to add: Bus route, State owned Bus Company and Buses. How would your suggestion improve the server? I think the addition of a Bus Driver Job would expand more on the servers immersion level. IC'ly one can just buy a bus and go around the city pick up people but people won't know if buses would come to certain stops or not. Most people can't afford to get a Bus for just RP as a solo Bus driver. Routes and specific stop points would help Drivers and People immerse more into the gameplay rather than just driving/roaming around aimlessly. Additional information:
  4. Short description: Adding a new ooc chat for beginner players to ask questions regarding the server. Detailed description: As admins and helpers get a lot of workload and stuff to do and there are times when there's no admin nor any helpers are online, It'd be helpful for the community to help new players OOCly with their queries. When i first played in this server 6 months ago, I had a lot of questions on how things are done and to be honest not everybody knows about the forums really (when they first come). Commands to add: /newbie or /n Items to add: null How would your suggestion improve the server? I think this would help newer players realize that the community is a tight knit one and it would lessen the load on admins and helpers too. Additional information:
  5. Short description: Adding a few button binds for certain commands or giving the ability to bind certain commands to a specific button. Detailed description: It's hard to always use /commands for doing stuff like /phone, /vehmenu ,/me,/do etc. If there were binds or an option to let players bind commands to buttons then it would be helpful in roleplay situations or so. Like imagine if you could just /bind P phone which would make the phone pop up every time you press the button 'P' or /bind m me which would open the chatbox and have /me already written for you to follow up so you can roleplay faster. In MTA SA, people could bind commands to any buttons which would help them in a lot of way, like when doing rp stuff,radio,taking out phone etc. We already have two binds for ourself, one is to toggle engine and the other to lock/unlock vehicle. I think it would be easier for you to just press UP and access your CEF phone rather than typing it all the time, Same goes for /me and /do,/radio etc if you have binds it would just be normal typing. Feel free to contribute more or give suggestions. Commands to add: Ability to Bind /bind [key] [command] Items to add: NULL How would your suggestion improve the server? I think it would make the players feel a bit more convenient on how they'd do stuff which normally takes a bit more time to do. Additional information:
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