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  1. MTG was such a laugh back in the day, used to play with a few friends from 2011 up until it died down. IYKYK
  2. Yeah, I was just wondering if it was mainly jobs based or anything like that as I was new to the server. I tend to go through the route of meeting people IC'ly, doing odd jobs here and there to establish some form of trust for further jobs. That's the way I've tried to go so far on the server, though. Appreciate the response, though. Cheers.
  3. HMU if you fancy playing, casual or w/e, been looking for people to have a few games with for ages
  4. Haven't really had the opportunity to play much, only managed to get like 1.6 hours in last night, so I'll keep an eye out for ads. Cheers, my son
  5. think I was the only MTG Tarq there, so I'd say yes on this one
  6. Ty mate. I'll give it a gander and see how it goes.
  7. Top man, thank you. I'll give this a read and see how it goes. Would prefer in character interaction for cash and such, but until I get around to that I'll try use some of the jobs. Cheers.
  8. Anyone on here still play this regularly? Started playing it in the last few months, got a bit bored of CS and decided to switch over to something else. Love playing the game, just a nightmare when you're solo queuing all the time. Can't rely on randies to do the stuff they need to do. Think it's one of the best FPS games out there at the moment, love watching the pro games too. Some top class players around the scene right now.
  9. Real G's remember Arkan. What a boy
  10. Joined MTG in late 2011/early 2012. Played there for a number of years, eventually made the move over to LSRP and stayed there for the remaining years of my SAMP playing time. Spent the majority of my time on MTG in and out of the LSPD, as well as spending time in official factions and eventually as a hitman before leaving for good. LSRP: had a short stint in the LSPD and sheriff's dept. Spent quite some time in the DoC, eventually a Sergeant or w/e it was. After that I made the move to RSMC, spent a good few months there mostly as the SGT at Arms and then the President of their newer chapter in Angel Pine for a short while. Stopped playing SAMP all together after that.
  11. Hiya, I'm fresh to the server, only recently downloaded GTA V on PC to play on here. I've plenty of experience from playing on other servers such as MTG and LSRP, respectively. Not sure if this is the best place to create a thread for things like this or if there's anything like this already. However, does anyone have any advice on what jobs there are for newer players to just acquire a bit of cash to purchase a first car, rent a house, etc? I'd usually try and meet people and do some odd jobs for cash where possible, but I've only actually interacted with people at the casino from the time being. (First time on the server last night, that's how I've only been to the casino) Look forward to seeing your responses. Any suggestions and stuff are welcome.
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