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  1. This thread serves more as a general consensus, but I'm personally curious to hear what you guys think is missing from San Andreas. We all know the problems we have within the server, but what is missing from it, that can be fixed, or reinvented in a way that benefits the playerbase? One thing I've noticed is that being in a smaller map, albeit it feels big; city block environments tend to naturally provide more roleplay. We know LA, opposed to NYC; everything is spread apart. So your RP interactions are gapped by destinations being in one place downtown, and another across the city in up-town Rockford. Does it feel consistent? What would draw you back, based on what's missing?
  2. You're a king, @Pillsbury. God bless. And I hope we will be able to stay in contact in the long term. Congrats @Adv, well deserved! Congrats @Frezemis, we love ya! Congrats @Selena, very much deserved, fr. Congrats @Peak.! Do a madness bro! Congrats @goddessoflife! Queen shit. Congrats to the rest! 🙂
  3. You can't just have one side of the coin. Just because you've only seen it doesn't mean that's the case across the board. That's part of the stigma. I understand people may not endeavor in it because they either don't know how to roleplay that avenue alone (gender doesn't matter), or because it's their choice; but when you pull up with a statement you gotta relate it to facts. Or say in your own perspective otherwise it looks like you're saying that's all they can do. Which is a biiiig problem in roleplay today.
  4. It's a stigma that arose from the type of people claiming they know all about gangs because they looked at an LA gang map from 2002 and watched gang documentaries from the 80s-90s, as well as The Sopranos, Godfather & Scarface 9302 times. EDIT: There's a very hefty mysogentistic culture that predates GTA World where people believe that women are built like sticks and stones on crutches where they're incapable of performing basic human tasks. Yet I've seen women stronger than me in real life who are powerlifters, bodybuilders, there's female SWAT operators across the world, paratroopers, army war veterans, gang members, mobsters that exist who are female, of course not all of it is gonna be posted on the internet for everyone and their grandmother to see. My point is more so aimed at saying "women don't do much past white collar crime and take a backseat role" that's not really true though is it? If they RP that, their's their RP, but that doesn't mean "women don't do ___ or just do white collar crime and evading", it's just simply a choice. EDIT 2: It is both a statement and a response.
  5. Not quite sure what environment you've been around to say that the new dance animations are 1:1 with x12 John Does roleplaying swole Chads and saying "brah" at the end of every sentence... but you do you. The PED skin should be authorized by an admin to be used. My friend IRL came to GTA World and got that swole skin given by an admin, because he was roleplaying a very specific character with obvious knowledge backed by his gym experience in real life, since he is also a bodybuilder IRL. I don't think PED skins should be freely brought out, it's encourages a silly way to RP and harbors an environment that is not the kind of environment you wanna see when you are in a strict roleplay server. It's giving DarkRP.
  6. This whole mentality of "women can't do ___" needs to really dissolve. If you haven't seen a woman in real life 'live a certain criminal lifestyle' it's because they haven't gotten caught or it's not public knowledge. Anyone can do anything, women aren't some cheese-string with crutches. They have two arms, two legs, walk talk and breathe just like men, this isn't even a pro-feminist post but rather a "humans are humans" and anyone is really capable of anything, irregardless of gender. - @ OP As for the jail problem, I believe there's a new corrections coming to power up the general inmate roleplay elements that are otherwise lacking, as for female cells it's merely a matter of how many get arrested within the sentence period of other female inmates. There's no way other than those two resolvers, to slightly fix the issue more-so than it currently is at now, other than them creating a female jail character. I hope my reply was informative!
  7. having to write an LOA if you're not playing the game for a bit
  8. This right here friends, is what you call a certified hood classic thread.
  9. New video! Show some love GTAW fam!
  10. @Adv: a gentleman admin, continues to remain a glorious member of the lapd. also helped me out a long time ago with a radio station, never forgettin that. @Selena: unironically funny as fuck, iron fist admen @honey.: does a solid on forum reports and epic menyoo nerd @Gigabyte: he's italian
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