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  1. Most people do not like medic roleplay. This is how it should work. Give the medics a faction and some cars to make them happy. Those who want to participate in medic roleplay can, those who do not wish to participate, do not have to. A very small, small percentage of the playerbase actually enjoy medic roleplay. Most people don't enjoy it. Why would you want to roleplay with someone who isn't even enjoying it? They're just going to avoid, give bad responses etc. it won't even be enjoyable for you. So don't make it mandatory. This seems the most obvious way forward.
  2. Look, I know Paulie. Paulie is a good guy, a stand up guy.
  3. You find Bog Hammarskjold in-game. He will represent your case.
  4. I'm everyone's favourite person.
  5. You are being reported for offending TNR Captain Melvin Harris and SWAT Sergeant Coby Dice. Shadowplay works a charm, doesn't it?
  6. I want a word with the boss.
  7. negs

    Judiciary & You

    Hey Matt. Not relevant to the post, but we used to roleplay together back in 2014! Back when you were Walter's son, I think(?). Any who, good to see you still kicking about, fellow old timer.
  8. I want to see more characters like Bog Hammarskjold.
  9. Do your time and keep your head up, Jimmy.
  10. This is so freaking cool!
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