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  1. Still for sale and the buyout lowered to $500,000.
  2. Noted. Send me an e-mail so we can setup a time that suits us both.
  3. For the people opening chat to do anims, click on the torso option and there is an option in there to do the stretch anim.
  4. Noted, and e-mailed in regards to the viewing.
  5. Apartment in Meteor Complex up for sale The complex comes with access to two tennis courts & rooftop access with a pool Starting $450,000 Minimum Increase $10,000 Buyout $600,000 $500,000 Interior (click me)
  6. New leading offer. Just a reminder that there cannot be any offers made when the clock hits 6PM, has to be 5:59PM.
  7. Selling the vehicle due to me finding another vehicle that I prefer. Information Registered Insured 15 Miles Price $360,000
  8. Since starting bid has been made the countdown has started. The bidding stops at 6 PM tomorrow and the leading bid wins.
  9. Will do, try in about thirty minutes.
  10. Selling my 1 bedroom apartment because I'm moving to another one. Starting Bid $550,000 Minimum Increase $10,000 Buyout $750,000 Interior (click me)
  11. Send me an e-mail with your details and I'll contact you as soon as I get it so we can finalize the deal.
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