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  1. We can't have Franzese in our social club no more, that much I do know.
  2. Listen, I defrauded the government on every gallon of gas sold. I was making 7 to 8 million a week, every Sunday I dropped 2 million on Persico’s desk and told him, look, you gotta make me win every argument. Everyone’s gonna want a piece of this
  3. Is it really extortion if you're extorting a criminal?
  4. Narcissistic public figure Natasha Cunningham looks back at the secrets she kept while involving herself in crime, corruption and politics. RENDER UNTO CAESAR Render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar's, and unto God the things that are God's. After I graduated from college, I was nothing; an indebted, bipolar satire columnist with a bleak future. Written here, it actually sounds like something of a joke. But it wasn't. It was depressing. I guess it was around this time I started with the clubbing and the drug habit; a habit that's ongoing, as a matter of fact. I guess it was also around this time I gained an affinity, or a hunger of sorts, for wanting to become something. So I did. I first became an investigative journalist, and not just any, I became THE investigative journalist of Los Santos. Next I moved into politics. Over the course of my career I made millions of dollars through various schemes I ran with legitimate and corrupt politicians, honest and bent police officers, good and bad criminals. I claimed what was mine; the reputation, the money. I was something.
  5. Username: NatashaCunningham Email: [email protected] Comment: Democratic senator gets called out for plagiarizing her campaign video, what a travesty!!!!!!!
  6. Username: NatashaCunningham Comment: Alright how about you turn off the conspiracy vids on youtube and go get vaccinated
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