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  1. PADDY'S BOOKMAKERS The Best Odds on All Sports; Locally, Nationally, Internationally In 1998, Paddy's Bookmakers was founded in Mirror Park and quickly grew to become one of East LS' most prominent bookmaking shops, offering bets on primarily local sport. Paddy Cullen, the founder, opened the shop with the intention of focusing on the nearby horse racing track. However, taking pride in his Irish ancestry, the bookie decorated his office with showcasings of Irish culture and as a result the shop over time became a social club of sorts for Irish-Americans in
  2. Everything on the market costs more on PC, but yeah in general? Scummy casino
  3. Mane who the fuck plays fifa 21 on PC, FUT prices are fucked on PC
  4. As much as I hate writing this, after 20 months with this faction (and its predecessor), the time has come for me to step down. I had a blast for all of the 1000 hours I've logged on Joseph Campagna, but I must admit that the past few months have been dragging for me and so I feel it's for the best I give up my leadership position and allow someone more active to take my place. When @Ohngesicht and I first started the version of this faction as you know it today, back in 2019, I had no idea it would grow to anywhere near what it's become. One of the very biggest factions in server history, so
  5. Love every cutscene with Ray Boccino, pure gold
  6. Seems pretty weird to have GTA San Andreas neighborhoods exist in our LS... This means people who haven’t religiously played GTASA somehow don’t know the names of all the neighborhoods in the city? Do I now have to go study a GTA San Andreas map to learn what the neighborhoods in GTA5 are called?
  7. Rumbunctious


    This poor guy in the chat sums up the game
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