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  1. Ameen

    Autoholics Motors

    Still taking in applications.
  2. Ameen

    Autoholics Motors

    Still taking in applications.
  3. Noted. Will be sold tomorrow by my earliest availability if no bids come through.
  4. The vehicle is fitted with performance and visual modifications. No security upgrades installed. Not looking for anything below $70,000. (( Out of Character ))
  5. Autoholics Motors is an automobile repair workshop located on Greenwhich Parkway besides Los Santos International Airport. Our garage aims to stay ahead of the industry changes to provide the best customer accommodation. We try to provide high quality, convenient and comprehensive auto repair at low cost. Autoholics Motors is a one-stop facility for all auto servicing needs. What can/may we offer you as a garage? We aim to provide our team the healthiest and friendliest environment of work. We're offering monthly bonuses for the most qualified ones of the teams throughout the week or month. You're treated as one of us upon arrival to the garage. We offer all types of assistance and free customization for our team. Am I qualified for the job? If you're wishing to join our team, we've got a couple things that we ask about. Experience is not a must, but it's preferred. We offer apprenticeships positions for those who seek to learn and adapt. We're not taking people under the age of twenty one into our team. Discipline and team work is required. I want to apply, who do I contact? If you deem yourself suitable for the job, send your application via this link: application (( Our goal as a garage is to keep it a healthy and roleplay orientated environment. If you're here to abuse the script in order to earn money quickly, we're not the right place for you. This is one hundred percent prohibited and highly monitored. ))
  6. Ameen

    Jimmy Pro

    what a wise guy
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