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  1. Send me an email ((pm)) with your contact details! We can arrange to sort this out!
  2. Will leave this open for the remaining of today, then bidding will end tonight!
  3. Gallery! Market Price: $115,000 Furniture Worth: $77,562 Starting Bid: $280,000 Buyout: $400,000 Duration: 48 hours.
  4. I think what you said is spot on, I think it can be realistic if done properly... I'm guessing it's more the calls coming in that say "i'm gonna do it".. That cause the problems! If it was roleplayed more realistically, then it'd be taken more seriously, I guess?
  5. The whole aspect of calling 911 is purely for attention, these people want to draw a crowd, obviously. I get that people will want to suicide there character off, but like stated by most people here, if they're gonna do it, fine, do it on your own though. Don't drag people away who're actually roleplaying seriously to just "/me jumps." The suicide attempt calls which are genuine shouldn't ever be from the person doing it, but more from concerned family members. "My son said he was going to kill himself and then hasn't been seen for hours, please help", things like that make sense...
  6. REVIVE THIS, Such a fun game, lost a lot of interest when it changed from kings canyon to worlds edge, however at the start of season 6 got back involved, now love both maps, enjoying it a hell of a lot again! Apex lovers, assemble!
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