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  1. THIS! Would help a lot to spread posters and business cards and such.
  2. I can't furnish since the furniture items despawn and it messes with the interior. https://streamable.com/q5ef6g
  3. Problem is that because clubs and bars can't use the /startshift for their bartenders, you can't afford to hire more bartenders. With the amount of planning and dependency on others when opening a club it boggles my mind why a café with a /createitem coffee would make more money in the end than a club which buys alcohol from other businesses (sometimes even from player owned breweries) hire guards, DJ's (Which pay for a radio slot as a donator) and bartenders.
  4. Sure, I know that. I mean the problem is that there is a lack of knowledge on the server about it.
  5. I think it's the fear of loosing what you have. Cars, property and so on. I think its a problem of not knowing how it actually works and how you're being punished.
  6. We need club owners that actually RP their club more than just an asset to farm government grants. The heart is shown in the interiors but then it slowly stops making sense. Opening up every day, OVER other clubs, opening without DJ's etc. It's just meh. I tried to do something different and I invited IC DJ's who also DJ irl to make a mix and RP it out in the club. I even made a small commercial that would RPly be played on TV's and video ads.
  7. Problem is that if you roleplay a legal character, the risks of getting caught with drugs on you are too big. You create bonds with people, friendships, stories that goes a bit deeper and to then throw it all away just to get a quick ride to prison where then you don't have anyone to RP with since there is almost never anyone in prison doing any type of roleplay. But with that said.. On my older DJ character I roleplayed taking ecstasy for almost every opening I did a gig for as well as had a shit ton of weed at my house for afterparties and such. Why I never got caught is that I opt out
  8. Username: DOUX Comment: Thank you so much for the kind words! I had a blast! Also, my name is not Justin, it's Julian but all the kisses to you anyway 🥰🥰 I can't believe what an amazing night it was, all the staff and DJ's did an amazing job.
  9. HERE. WE. GO. AGAIN. Take it far, as you always do.
  10. My perspective on it is like, sure it's an IC issue, but damn, does no regular people live in those areas? Don't they go to a mall to shop for clothes, food, hygiene products etc? If the mall turns in to a criminal hotspot where you can't go without getting robbed. In my opinion, it's brushing against Fail RP.
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