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  1. Ideally more police stations should be attacked and burned.
  2. really cool thread here, guys!
  3. is my computer broke why cant i see these 😭
  4. As someone who has been in this situation before I heavily disagree, all due respect. I think PD/SD do a good enough job of building their cases and noone really wants to do court so unless they are really desperate they will usually just plead guilty.
  5. I'm not going to argue further, you can do you; at the end of the day my intention on this thread wasn't to cast judgement or to create drama only to post my perspective on a certain type of RP that could perhaps be done with a little more effort. I think everyone on the server has moments like that, and the only way we'll learn to better reflect something is if there's someone there to help us out with it. I know certainly that I've been in a position where I've needed someone to give their perspective on a certain thing so that I can portray it better. I will say to just take a look at the g
  6. I mean I'm not saying it's San Salvador but Koreatown has an above average violent crime rate. Gangs are very much a thing there and the entire place is caked with graffiti. Having a spotless, squeaky clean neighborhood just isn't a realistic expectation. Of course IC is IC, but I'm just saying to keep some things in mind. Personally for me it helps with the atmosphere to have both a community vibe as well as the presence of grime. I didn't say that was powergaming, I said it was silly. Would a store owner realistically paint over their window? Of course they wouldn't, at that p
  7. I'm sorry but someone middle-class calling the cops on you for acting suspicious in their neighborhood is about as realistic as it gets lmfao. Why would you catch a murder charge over something so petty?
  8. I mean... it's about as tedious as portrayal gets. Don't RP something if you're not willing to put the effort in, it's as simple as that. I put the effort in to understand how graffiti works before I do that, the least I can ask if that someone return the courtesy by putting their own research in if they are going to portray someone who removes tags.. otherwise it's powergaming. LA is also a city of 10 million people with many neighborhoods, the fact you say it doesn't rank up there is irrelevant. It may not be the biggest fish, but that's only because it's in an overpopulated p
  9. I mean, I agree. That is cool. Painting windows with gang tags on them instead of cleaning the windows however is not. It just seems a little silly. Anyways, gangs can't really offer a danger over tags when people are doing it at odd hours with rushed /me's. Realistically someone would need to pressure wash that shit off the wall, and nobody wants to RP that because it's time consuming.
  10. And at the end of the day, this is the crux of the issue. Personally I would like to just see more effort made into the RP if it's going to be done by locals of the Koreatown community, research into the type of equipment used to remove graffiti and proper attire (because someone doing this dripped out in Gucci is about as jarring as someone doing graffiti in cat ears) helps up the general quality of RP and really helps give a vibe of good portrayal.
  11. I mean, sure if you want to play the "Koreatown in real life" card but I always got the impression that only certain aspects of the culture there was cherrypicked. Koreatown, LA has a large hispanic presence and a huge gang presence. It's not a suburb, it's not a nice area. Sure, the people that are from there are proud to live there - but that's not unique only to the Korean community, latinos have been living there too since the 50s. So have African-Americans, growing up in the area most locals should be aware of gang activity. Koreatown (especially at night) is a dangerous place. You can ge
  12. Then whoever is doing it is doing RP wrong regardless, because if it's gang members nobody does tags like that. But if that's the case I get the impression you hastily googled "GRAFFITI REMOVAL KOREATOWN" once you seen this topic and actually put 0 research into it - because that's the impression this type of behavior gives.
  13. Yes... you can keep posting that. It doesn't change the fact that if you're trying to imitate that kind of RP you're doing it wrong. I don't think the KYCCLA is throwing up fake tags like this. Nor are they removing tags vandalizing business by... vandalizing... businesses?
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