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  1. Sure, I'd love to have people around that are ugly - but you can't enforce it. You create your own character - that's the whole point of roleplaying, right? Making your own character? No? Okay.
  2. This is the most stupid argument I've seen. What we need is less people focusing on solely doing characters for Menyoo pictures, but having the ability to create your character in Menyoo just to upload it would ease that problem, just like Marksman said - it allows for heaps more customization than the current implementation.
  3. This has to do with custom interiors and the way GTA V handles it's lighting primarily, upgrades would do you good but I'm on a 3080 and I still suffer from framedips inside some interiors.
  4. Interested in one of the Tulips!
  5. Doesn't make a whole lot of sense what you're saying here, it isn't intended design. It's a system that's dated and has been used all the way back since the beginning of SA:MP. It's the easiest way of doing it since it's just another chat system. It is an interruption, especially when just standing around or sitting inside a place with a lot of people, just to be swarmed in /bad's and /cad's about a mechanic shop or another night club opening up at the other end of the city. A separate menu would be much more logical, perhaps one accessible through the phone. If you want to make physical ads you can use /cim or /createscene.
  6. Towbie

    New UI Discussion

    That's exactly what you're doing, though. Just add a tooltip saying "Press F4" to toggle your chat on and off.", easy as.
  7. Towbie


    Hell no, system is way better now.
  8. There's more positives than negatives going into 1.1, floating cars and windows is such a miniscule thing.
  9. Just out of interest, how would a simple change when it comes to navigation solve the issue you're pointing out? Just rename your outfits.
  10. You can rename your outfits, this just seems like unnecessary work for something as minor.
  11. It's the role-play that's the issue then, the play to win mentality. This mindset isn't something that just civilian role-players carry. I personally role-play in an illegal faction and I see the same mindset on people who play illegal characters too.
  12. Towbie


    Willing to take this for buyout right away to meet with your request. Cash on top can be handled too.
  13. Redacted, posted on the wrong advertisement.
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