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  1. Prison roleplay isn't a substitute for someone who doesn't respect/understand rules, the reason ajails are in place is for people to take the time to understand the rules. Whether they don't know how to properly roleplay, they don't get to cause prison roleplay to be sub-par, it's supposed to be a learning experience. If they are ajailed, they need to take the time out of character to learn the correct choice(s) that would prevent them from repeating the same mistakes.
  2. A rental dealership wouldn't let you rent a vehicle without a license. Some states do vary on requiring a license to purchase from a dealership, which is probably a government thing I agree.
  3. It also puts them in front of a rental dealership that doesn't require a license.
  4. I think many people assume you can RP a driver's license. This is the reason many people get cited, or even arrested. Most dealerships do provide a temporary tag for drivers to get to the DMV. It prevents unnecessary traffic stops by PD.
  5. When a player attempts to purchase a vehicle from a dealership, they must have their driver's license on them. After purchasing the vehicle, it will have a temporary tag that lasts 3 days before it expires, and needs to be registered.
  6. Roach


    It's in the penal code you can't park in the incorrect direction of travel. It is true that KMH is on the speed gauge. I would be happy with both. The mph/ and KMH in a smaller text.
  7. That is called breaking 1.0 Common courtesy, and player report. and make a roleplay quality report. I don't enjoy when criminals go immediately into /b and say "I wasn't speeding". The fact of the matter, unless you're an admin, you have to deal with it.
  8. You realize, that it's realistic for criminals to return to the scene of a crime and try to finish the job?
  9. That doesn't mean the scene is not still dangerous, dangerous areas cause for more Fear RP. Police are almost always outnumbered in these scenario's, and FD should take that into account.
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