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  1. Open casket of a guy with 9 holes in his head? holy shit.
  2. Welcome back to drip or drown, with the Van der linde gang... AURTHURD! Show us your drip. Alright Dutch, lemme see what I can pull out
  3. This ones takes the April Fools cake.
  4. Join my faction Valentine blackwood 69 cripz, we finnah rob the homesteds cuh, then we boolin', pinkerton foos ain't got nuttin on us. PS: Having (m) and checkered cowboy hats are mandatory.
  5. I don't think nothing is gonna come out of this which is unfortunate. With the amount of superstitious, player elitism, and over-thinking, this is doomed.
  6. Did your RageMP die of a sudden cardiac arrest and you don't know what the hell happened? is the new EAC making your RageMP experience a pain in the ass? this step by step guide MIGHT help you play just fine with your mods and sanity intact. Go to RAGEMP\server-files\client_packages\game_resources (create the folders if they don't exist) Create a file named "allow_user_game_resources.txt" in that folder, open it and type "1" then save it Go to RAGEMP\server-files and run ragemp-server.exe, grant firewall access if needed Open RageMP's client, use manual connect, and connect to IP: Port: 22005 Wait for the game to boot, you will spawn with a default MP character, this means you're now connected to the server you just hosted on your own PC Press F1 and use manual connect once again, connect to IP: Port: 22005 If you see "Loading server resources" for a long time, don't panic, RageMP is downloading the server assets, it will take a while depending on your internet speed, and this will be a one-time only download process, it'll be instantaneous for the next logins (Direct IP server assets will be downloaded to "RAGEMP\client_resources\eb2a00104e081555cd1f62c318c273fa") Once the download is complete (first-time only), you will be greeted with the login screen and you can connect and play Fix RageMP launcher crashing on "Validating server assets": Download the latest version of Process Explorer from HERE, extract it to a folder and run procexp64.exe as Administrator Run updater.exe to boot up the RageMP launcher In Process Explorer scroll down and find ragemp_v.exe and all of it's sub UI processes Right click on each one and set priority to real time Connect to the server as you normally would Force your way in - also (might)work if crashing on "Validating server assets": Open up RageMP's launcher, connect to GTA World, if you see it trying to download assets and not progressing, close it (Alt+F4) or if it crashes on Establishing connection or Validating assets, close it (Alt+F4) and move onto the next step Open up RageMP's launcher again, then fully disconnect your PC from the internet (Make sure you don't have Rockstar Launcher running) Click on GTA World, wait for Rockstar Launcher to open, connect your PC to the internet again Click the button on top of Rockstar Launcher that says "Restart to go online" Optional step: Run task manager, find PlayGTAV.exe and all of ragemp_game_ui.exe instances under the details tab, right click on them, Set Priority -> Realtime
  7. It's actually not that difficult, you're making it difficult for yourself. Mutual understanding between LEOs and illegal factions can be easy moderated and controlled with rules. There will be no resisting in that case if rules are in place either, you're not careful and you'll end up taking the L. As for the OOC secrecy, the server needs to have a better system in place for investigations, one that is bug free as well, in your example, a script should be able to tell LEOs who used the weapon last time, if gloves where used then no print would be on it, prints would disappear after 2 days, etc... Also snitching will become more prominent once everybody is aware that a RICO law/rule exists, and there is a sad truth where people MG these information to CK an informant, and the best solution for that is for them to keep OOC secrecy as best as they can. Overall, if a decent system is in place for investigators, one that doesn't give them PG'ed information like before for the evidence to get discarded, as well as OOC and IC RICO laws and rules, investigations will go on and nobody would get demotivated. That's why I suggested a division with selective members that are picked either via applications or the management. Illegal factions need to understand there should be a risk when dealing drugs, selling weapons, running prostitutions rings, extorting people and killing people. Sure those provide great roleplay and character development, but what about precautions? If they're not careful, if they're not smart enough, if they get investigated, and if enough incriminating evidence can be collected to shut them down? it's entirely their own fault for mismanagement, also do note there were a lot of ifs. Your exact goal is to fight crime, that's what LEOs are meant to do. Sure, if ALL members of a mob or a gang get busted and taken away, the faction was clearly not being ran correctly, but that's always %0.1 of the cases, granted that LEOs will target more dangerous organized crimes for their investigations rather than some gang of checkered shirts from Davis, that won't even happen at all. Like I mentioned before, the remnants of a RICO'ed faction should still be allowed to operate but on a much smaller scale, such as a crew or an unorganized group until they can solidify themselves as an established faction again, perhaps under another name and banner, or just go ahead and make a new faction.
  8. Although these are all good points, FiveM has managed to overcome this issue with big RP servers on their platform, having 700+ players, better sync and most importantly nothing disappearing, trust me, I had to see with my own eyes. It just goes on to show how dogshit RageMP is. Regardless of the number of server mod optimizations, it just dies anyways. It needs some serious backend optimizations.
  9. So, turns out this game is finally coming out at some point afterall. Thoughts?
  10. Wrong preceptive again guys, you are not "punishing" any factions, if a faction is not careful enough, they might get RICO'd, and if you're going to have some form of immunity or BOTD for long existing factions, might as well not have RICO at all. EDIT: Also, RICO hit that'd close a faction could take a year or more to build. And having leaders or members dead to rights is going be extremely difficult for OCG/LCN factions since they're logically a lot more careful, if they act stupid and get caught, it's their fault. For how long should LEOs be pussyfooting around with mediocre police work while a LCN faction can go around, extortion, killing, robbing, scheming, and doing whatever they want without a worry in the world, without any precautions?
  11. Take it easy, you guys are overthinking this, there is no need for an agency or government faction for RICO to work. Just a division in either SD or PD with selective members that are picked by the management, either via applications, or something else, and a couple of OOC ground rules, similar to CK wars maybe. And as for the IC laws, it could probably be possible to have a dumbed down and adapted version of the law.
  12. Then some script adjustment might be needed on the devs part, sure, and since building a RICO case would require extreme roleplay and precision, best way to go about it is to either have FBI, or a special division within SD/PD with members that are hand picked by the management.
  13. Some of you guys have to know, RICO wouldn't "kill" RP. Building an actual case takes months, I recall back on LSRP it took a whole year for one investigation to get concluded with a major RICO hit. It's not like cops would be able to disband a faction a few days after their investigation and what not. And the entire point of it is to go after established factions, not the throwaway ones, but either way? there should be consequences for whatever a faction does, not just killing cops, because right now they can get away with almost everything scot free.
  14. I doubt it, they'd just put their second in command to take care of the things on the outside until they're released eventually, if by some miracle they get life, they'll just have the second in command to take over.
  15. Doesn't not having any RICO laws and what not implemented actually put the illegal factions at a play-to-win advantage? since they can run their illegal activities with the least of worries, specially OCGs and LCN crews/families that dip their balls in almost everything. I think this is an actual facade for the fact that the management is concerned that the players in the RICO'd faction might leave the server and take their friends with them. But if a player is willing to RP, they'd continue it one way or another. That statement is absolutely radicicolous.
  16. The fuck? so cops only do traffic stops, respond to 911 and arrest people every now and then and that's that? that's sad.
  17. Can PD and/or SD disband a faction by hitting them with the RICO act? If they have enough incriminating evidence to convict a faction leader for example, or perhaps incarcerate a great number of their members to basically shrink the faction out of existence (remaining members being forced to run away or go into hiding, etc...)
  18. The one here seems to have a slightly outdated code, I updated my Autohotkey chat assistant to use the latest one and it works, tried it, works for even a single word as well.
  19. There is no definitive fix for this issue, it might sometimes get amplified if you use mods but I assume it's either because Rage engine itself sucks ass, or RageMP, or maybe GTAW's mods are just too much. But then again, not so sure. Best solution is to moderate your mod count and pray it doesn't happen. One potentially high possibility could be the big amount of mod clothes on World, V's Rage engine has a limited number of .ymt slots per gender, so, every time the game gets updated, the slots get less, and this might cause issues when using the same number of mod clothes. Best solution is for the server to replace vanilla clothes instead of adding. But then again, this is just a possibility. EDIT: The number of available .ymts went down from 8 to just 2 ever since the Summer update, so that's maybe why it kept getting worse by each update.
  20. You got some balls kid, I'll give you that much. /me sends his regards to baddabingbaddabongghost
  21. nervous should've added the opressor mk2, so I compromised, I used a chrome motorcycle with a broken radiator instead.
  22. Hunting down and whacking wannabe gabagoolers
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