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  1. This thread follows the tale of Chase 'Money' Prescott, and his never ending quest for validation, riches, and bitches.
  2. Pretty sure nobody besides people in the fire marshals actually like the fire marshals. I remember waiting to coordinate with a fire marshal to have an inspection done because for some reason none were around in the NA timezone. Let alone the fact that players are forced to visit a random website, set their account up, all just to do some pointless bureaucracy that doesn't add much roleplay whatsoever. What fun and enjoyable RP has come for fire marshals out of doing inspections of businesses, genuinely? Who enjoys it? Think the most fun thing for them is getting to shut down businesses and put up roadblocks to roleplay behind days of waiting just to get an inspection done (because god forbid they come in and do it right there on the spot, you HAVE to fill out their forms). Not trying to bash the individuals playing within the faction, but I think even the lifeguards had more going for them in terms of substance and use for the playerbase at large.
  3. I've always thought that Bolingbroke should have been used instead of TTCF because it IS the jail in GTAV and would have been easier/cooler to use. I know people complained about the semantics of it being a state penitentiary vs a county jail but we're roleplayers and can use our imagination and suspension of disbelief to not have that be such a big issue. That being said making a new faction strictly for custody roleplay is a waste of time and energy, people will be initially interested in it but as time goes by it'd probably have the same problems as SD does now in not caring enough to be actively there. And scaling back SD's patrols in favor of enforcing custody roleplay is just going to make people phone it in as @beets said or they'd outright quit or transfer to PD. You can't force people to RP anything as requirements or what have you, it'll always lead to apathy and people ultimately quitting entirely. I think the fact of the matter is that a majority of the playerbase doesn't really care for prison rp at all. Whether they're LEO rpers or illegal rpers. LEOs essentially have to act as NPCs just to facilitate jail RP, and illegal rpers most likely don't give a shit about prison rp besides the act of getting out and having fun outside of it. There's clearly people in this thread passionate about prison RP, but it begs the question on why don't these players also play Custody Assistants in order to facilitate this type of RP they want to see? My guess is the majority would probably get bored just like everyone else. Be the change you want to see, forcing people to RP things they don't want to will only lead to worse roleplay.
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  5. There's a lot of problems with the county, from factions that own a majority of properties and don't allow for others to come up and flourish, the perception it has as being full of Europeans playing very stereotypical southerners, and the general map design of GTA 5 making it a rather boring place to RP in if not filled with other characters. I've had a few county characters in the past and find that after a few periods of activity it really does die down quite a bit as people get bored and choose to RP in the city instead where everyone else is because there's more interaction down there. I find that most facs that start off in the county quickly get bored and either start having beefs with facs based in the city or just quit all together because there's not much else happening up there. Also doesn't help the county's reputation that people are driving super cars, or Caracara's while living out of trailers.
  6. There just has to be a suspension of disbelief when it comes to handling money, I have a slot with millions of dollars in it but I wouldn't want to RP all of my wealth being on hand. If you're a bartender it obviously doesn't make sense to live in a nice penthouse and drive a sports car, so doing it just because you can, or because the money in the top right of your screen is enough to do it isn't good roleplay. But I'd rather it be this way, the suggestions to make the economy more realistic are always dumb to me because I despise grinding in any capacity, and having to grind for money just to be able to afford something my character would realistically own/have is stupid as hell. People just need to not take everything so literally and figure out what works best for their character they're trying to portray. Less of a mechanics/server problem, more of a player mentality one imo.
  7. Illegal factions using voice usually get in trouble for it, there's been many times where conflicts have been halted by IFM and forfeited by people who resort to such lowly cheating. LEOs can use voice with impunity, because it's a requirement to be a part of the faction. In fact I know someone who was almost forced to be custody only because of their inability to effectively metagame via teamspeak when joining SD. People have also been punished recently for drug stacking, so it kind of makes those points of yours moot when they are actionable offenses that the staff team has been trying to enforce. Regarding the main topic at hand for this thread? I'm glad LEOs are roleplaying more instead of being robo-cops responding to call after call after call, leads to no time for a LEO to develop their character and actually act like a human instead of someone just going scene to scene as their police avatar.
  8. I've invested my kid's college fund into Panda Points hoping to see it go to the moon.
  9. Nothing I want more than to RP a cowboy in RDW... please make it happen.
  10. Facebrowser in general should just be deleted, making a social media platform for a roleplaying game only enables self inserts + not to mention the people that weirdly devote hours of their time to make "sexy" or "cute" pictures of themselves in menyoo (not to mention some of the people that have done this are (M)'s in game). Very weird, I guess the only reason it's still around is so more money can be generated through the extortionate rates that "VIP" is offered. Wild that people even pay for it.
  11. The server being set in the modern day is detrimental to roleplay quality, the amount of people just shamelessly playing self inserts is astonishing. (Hot model-esque char posting about their Elden Ring progress on Facebrowser). "Realism" is also retarded and shouldn't be strived for. Factions shouldn't be literally portraying real life gangs, organizations, etc. People should try and be more creative with things, and the never ending quest for "realism" shits on creativity.
  12. It's been a blast playing in the faction, after over 2 years of being in it I couldn't have envisioned roleplaying with any other group. It's been a pleasure to be part of the longest lasting illegal faction on the server. Thanks to everyone that played and everyone still playing. Best of luck to @pogoyo leading the faction in the future, great things to come.
  13. Mechanic RP is long, tedious, and at the end of the day no one really cares about it for other reasons stated in this thread. I get some people are heavily involved in roleplaying around their cars and modding them, but most people just want a quick and painless interaction. I don't care for the solo-RP a mechanic is doing to paint my car because I accidentally chose the wrong color when buying it. I'm of the opinion that garages should be a lot like 24/7s in that if no one's operating one people can just use it on their own.
  14. powergame right back and say you got a vasectomy 2 years ago so it can't be yours.
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  16. Trying to make any sort of punishment for IC crimes go across characters is one of the most retarded things I've ever heard. There's no way it can work nor should it ever be considered. There will always be people that don't care about their characters and just do the same shit over and over again, but definitely not an excuse to punish the players that do.
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