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  1. If needed, I can help you refurnish around and clean.
  2. he was told to give me the thread so I comment
  3. Somebody was faster in a private message. Sold.
  4. Yogarishima Gym, a well-known business in Little Seoul is up for sale! The gym also includes its own spacious garage! STARTING BID: $450.000 BUYOUT: $600.000 (())
  5. Your Vespucci Beach sharehouse is on sale! Might not be a place where you can live with your biological family, but it's the best place where you can live with your REAL family. Not "ideal" for collage students, but the place collage students crave for! Of course, the apartment has seen better days, but who has time for repairs when you can party with all your friends without a care!? Interior: https://imgur.com/a/JxhwShI (( )) Starting bid: $240.000 Buyout: $320.000
  6. ((Please add pinfo, bids, buy out and whatnot))
  7. I am looking for housing or commercial spaces in South Central or East Los Santos. Budget shouldn't be a problem, as long as the offers have common sense. (( I am looking to roleplay in the area, treat my character as a local ))
  8. I withdraw, but I am still willing to pay $90.000 if the other bid is withdrawn.
  9. I withdraw. The other participant bid with the money he did not have, this way artificially boosting the price of the apartment. I am willing to offer $225.000, according to the last bid I've done before the other person joined the auction. Otherwise, he can have it.
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