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  1. definitely. I think pulling players from the existing pool is what works. There might be 700 people in game, but well over 700 people are registered and able to play at that time - they just don't feel the need to. If a video pops up on their feed or they see something about a cool faction, script feature, etc, they might feel compelled to play.
  2. While I'm not entirely opposed to the advertisement idea, this is a very good point to consider, especially considering what happened to GTAW back in summer 2018ish when we had a lot more players but the roleplay was all wonky. It's back on track but still, older players will know what I mean.
  3. I used to have 3000 names but eventually settled on Shareef in Discord (perhaps on 5rp cant remember) and then I made shareef2 due to legal issues. is your name related to Fenrir somehow or is this a coincidence
  4. Sounds good, thank you! Ping when/if answer comes up please 🙂
  5. Is there more population than seen? For example, highways are ghost towns, is it non-rp to speed too fast, walk on an empty stretch at midnight, or stop on a highway? Is it non-rp to commit crimes in say downtown LS because realistically people would be around, or is that up to whether players spot you or not?
  6. Shutting down a business due to multiple infractions is not the same as strolling into a business and shouting "Out! Out I say!" There's a legal process on both ends for such penalties to occur. We never got to just shut business down, at least not when I was a member, there was a whole process including evidence gathering and requests, etc, and then at the end it's all up to whether law enforcement assists or not.
  7. dude what are these posts
  8. this is great i remember suggesting this months ago, hope they 2x-3x it a couple more times businesses very profitable, govt needs money, thank you
  9. I don’t like it, sounds over complex. No for me!
  10. i think /fixveh or whatever the cmd is what really killed taxi. i see people do that as abuse a LOT
  11. what if in the int with confessional booths, give item is disabled?
  12. this is why you come to nut buster kebab! i do think all businesses are basically the same on this server, very annoying. get drunk at my convenience store today!
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