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  1. Might aswell change the community name to GTA Los Angeles then
  2. Glad this has been noticed. Looking forward to the updates.
  3. Making the closest people around me financially stable this year.
  4. Is this really an issue? Give players some damn freedom with playing.
  5. Thank you for the time and effort y’all put into this community by helping other players. #AllDonatorFeaturesShouldBeFreeForStaff
  6. Buyout. Can I come and check the appartment?
  7. Confirming. Experiencing this for a few weeks now around the area of Legion square all the way up to the Davis clothing store. No background processes running, reinstalled the game to my SSD and even adjusted the graphics to lower settings. Single Player, GTA Online and other servers run smooth. To me it seems like a server issue since everything else runs fine. Somewhat extreme example, but this is how I experience it: https://streamable.com/ymlhqp Did you both find a solution? @xiAshes @Jennie Edit: just read your solution @xiAshes
  8. It's because all these players participated in this show.
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